The Ninth Gate: A Horrific Comedy?

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This my prezi, and i chose to write it about a remix trailer for The Ninth Gate. I chose this movie because it was something that I have seen previously, and when I saw the trailer, I was so interested because it was so different from the original movie. In my prezi I will explain how intertextuality, juxtaposition, closure, gesture, montage, and soundtrack all play a role in changing this trailer, and more importantly how they play a role in writing. I also will explain how using these tools can make your writing more substantial and meaningful.

Alexis Siatkowski


Clueless Mean Girls

For my remix video, I chose to do the remix analysis on the mashup of clueless and mean girls. The remix video took the voice over of  the story line in mean girls and mashed it up clips from the clueless. My presentation discusses the specific techniques to capture this new movie.

Disney’s City of Sin

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After many hardships with Prezi I bring to you the City of Disney’s Sin. Walt Disney’s Sin City is a remix trailer that takes everyone’s favorite Disney Princesses and characters and puts them into the city of sin. The Sin City trailer does a great job in creating a dark tone to what would normally be warm heart children movies.


Obsession: It’s not just perfume anymore.

Here is my remix analysis of “When Harry Met Sally” horror style…just in time for Halloween.

I picked this movie because not only because it’s a cult classic.

But that scene in the cafe with Meg Ryan always cracks me up.  All the guys are like, “is she serious?!?”

So without further adieu, I give you… my analysis!!!



Theoretical Analysis of the Lion King (Horror)

This mash up take the Lion King, a very loved film and turns it into a horror film. The mash up brings my favorite kids film pared with my favorite genre of films. This mash up was interesting to me because it did not have much different from the original film then the bit of added voice over. The mash up was just the same clips from the original movie and put in different order to make a whole new film.