Divorce Mash Up


Initially, when asked to produce a mash up video – I was eager and excited to try something different. The videos we watched over the course of the semester that were considered mash ups were intriguing and creative. I questioned if I was going to be able to produce such a product myself. Thinking about a topic appeared to be harder than expected. I wanted to do something out of the box, not something that has been done before. My initial topic seemed clear cut and doable as I created my storyboard. When I presented my storyboard to the class – I thought I was off to a good start. Having a PC, I was going to use the program recommended, Sony Vegas for Windows users. Trying to download it was another story in itself. I got every error message possible. Therefore, I gave up. With that out the window, I decided to use a friend’s computer to complete my mash up on a Mac with the use of iMovie. This was a first for me but it was easier than expected. I was moving through the project quickly.

The hardest part in my opinion was finding proper YouTube videos. No still images; a sentence that will forever haunt me after this assignment. After finding the YouTube videos, they needed to be converted and downloaded into iMovie. Finding a video converter was also a learning curve. I personally have never worked with anything video related. I just watch them. Finding the proper programs that were free and posed an easier learner curve is exactly what I wanted and needed. After finding that – the saving of files had to be perfect. I was able to convert my videos and finish my three minute video. Done? No. It turns out that my final product wasn’t what I thought it was and I missed the whole idea of the mash up project. I was trying to cover too much of one topic within three minutes of video.

Finding this out was hard and I had no clue where to go. I could revise my initial idea and bring the focus in more or start over. I choose to start over. This time, I did my topic on the effect divorce has on children. Something that has been done before, probably but what I thought would be easier and more clear. I used Adobe Effects with the help of a friend on this one being as I felt like I failed with iMovie since my final product didn’t make the cut. Adobe Effects is very advance for my taste and I am sure my friend is sick of seeing me and all of my questions. It was fun trying to learn all these new programs. I am not a fan of the digital media creating – just watching and enjoying. I would much rather prefer traditional writing or writing and images such as our photo essays. The mash up relates to traditional writing in the sense that it conveys a story without words. The video images and audio create this story that can be interpreted in so many ways by the viewer.

As I stated in my above reflection, I used Adobe Effects for my final product of my mash up video. My overall goal was simply get it done and worry about the fancy stuff later. I wanted to convert the videos, embed them into adobe, and then edit. Cutting the movies was also harder than expected because I found myself watching the same video over and over again until I found the right sections to cut. I choose to cut a lot of longer clips because I felt as though the smaller portions of those did not convey the proper meaning I was aiming for. Although long, I do not believe they are overdone. Finding a vintage clip that met the needs of my video left a challenge. I choose to find a clip of a family eating dinner the traditional way. Families used to make dinner a big deal. Everyone would sit down together; no technology, no arguing and sit down and enjoy a family meal.

The idea of juxtaposition comes to play with the song. The song is perfect by Simple Plan. This concept that a child is saying “I’m sorry I’m not perfect.” Many times with divorce, children take the blame and the wrap for it. They often live with depression and anxiety with the feeling that they are the reason for the divorce. Children feel as though apologizing will make it better but in reality, it is not their fault and they have nothing to say sorry for. I didn’t want to use a song about a break up or family issues because it would be too literal and portray the idea too much. I want the viewer to be able to listen to the song while watching the video and grasp the concept. Without the song, the divorce idea is clear cut but it makes it more realistic when the audio is playing.

When it came to editing, I wasn’t sure what I could do to make the video more powerful or create an impact. I also didn’t know how to do such on Adobe Effects without the help from a friend. My initial idea was to change the whole video into black and white to create the idea of how draining a divorce can be on a child. Children lose their childhood and enthusiasm when going through a divorce.  After speaking with Professor Wolff, I decided to stick to the regular coloring of some of the videos and create some as black and white to create a more dramatic effect. I am not thrilled with the overall product because I believe the black and white looked more appealing and conveyed the meaning better. But in semiotics, meaning is determined by the reader or viewer depending on the gutters he or she may see throughout the video.

As the project comes to an end, I came to the conclusion that video editing is harder than I originally thought and I am not a fan of the process. Watching already done videos is so much easier and makes me wonder how these creates actually do that. I am not a video editor or graphic artist that posed many learning curves and challenges. I believe I now understand the concept of what a video mash up is and how to make one however I still think I have a long way to go when it comes to producing a high quality video.


Mental Illness Final Mash Up

This mash up video is a collection of videos, documentaries and commercials found on YouTube and other sites. The main message is to convey how our society views mental illness as uncontrollable psycho’s as something to be afraid of. In fact this is very untrue. Mental illness can range from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia and other sever personality disorders. Mental illness has always interested me since I watched a documentary done by Oprah Winfrey about a 9 year old girl with the worst case of schizophrenia disorder recorded in history. It was very interesting to see something so uncontrollable, and although the little girl did have aggressive tendencies, she was not endangering anyone else.

Working multiple forms of media presented many challenges, as I am not technically savvy. Downloading videos, as well us working with the Sony Vegas video editor software presented its own challenges while creating the video. The video editor was very difficult to navigate in the beginning, because I had already been used to iMovie for Macintosh products. I had to watch  countless YouTube instructional videos to teach myself how to specifically use the software. When selecting videos, I did something very similar to when writing. In order to start finding videos, I first made a brainstorming cloud and pulled out a few key terms when I thought of mental illness. I thought of some terms like feeling out of control, isolated, not being able to control your own thoughts or being hospitalized and put on medications. I thought of darkness, moodiness and hallucinations and decided to start brainstorming about what I could use to symbolize  that similarly to using a metaphor in writing. To be a metaphor for having mood swings I found a video of a sunny day turning into a storm that I sped up in the software to show a quick switch. To show out of control I found a video of a car spinning out and crashing.

Throughout the video, I used clips from Alice in Wonderland for several reasons. The whole movie is very trippy and almost seems drug induced to begin with . I used the video because it showed Alice falling down the rabbit hole to symbolize falling into ones subconscious and being trapped there. In short, Alice represented the individual, and wonderland represented her own mind, and being trapped there. I thought this metaphor worked  very well for content.

Using each of these videos that did not directly point to mental illness were a collection of metaphors and symbols that put forth a certain meaning, which is often used creative writing through language and metaphor. Often in creative writing, an author can describe a scene or experience that does not relate to the story other than through the meaning. I used this very popular technique in creative writing to help portray a certain feeling in my mash up video.

The specific video techniques used combined with the messages in the video are what makes mash ups so great. In my video, I used over 25 videos, using different parts of documentaries, YouTube videos or commercials to get my point across. Besides Alice in Wonderland, I used clips from a Movie called Donnie Darko very often throughout the video. This is where there was some intertext in the video came in. Donnie Darko is a movie about a boy with a mental illness that has a hallucination that is a giant bunny named Frank. Frank follows Donnie throughout his troubled life in the movie, until he reaches his breaking point. Even without the intertext of knowing the premise of Donnie Darko, the message from that is still possible to obtain because it was pretty obvious that Frank was something only Donnie could see, providing the assumption that he was an “imaginary friend.” In addition, there would need to be some background knowledge about the Black Swan, as well as the background song “Creep” by Radiohead. Although the lyrics such as “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here” make the song sound like it is about a guy trying to get a girls attention, the real meaning behind it is about feeling isolated because you are differently viewed by society. I thought that was an interesting background for a track being put to a video about mental illness.

I took ideas from The Vocabulary of Comics by McCloud about symbols and icons to use other non-related videos to portray meaning. I played a few of the same clips to get across a substantial meaning from them.  The clips I played the most consistently were of a clock ticking, and Alice falling down the rabbit hole. The clock was a very conscious decision when playing it repeatedly every few seconds in black and white. When there is something cognitively wrong with a person’s brain, psychologists will call it a psychological tic, which involved anything abrupt, involuntary or persistent in someone’s psychical characteristics like a twitch. The tic of the clock was the most prominent use of a symbol in this mash up video, and represents the was society views mental illness as uncontrollable twitchy, and often uncontrollable human beings.

By Deanna Bertini

Technology Mashup

Reflection 1: This experience relates to traditional writing by the fact that it is a form of expression. Writing is often used to create a message or express a message. The video mashup serves that same purpose. The video mash up uses a bunch of images to display a message that someone is trying to get across just like writing. Except instead of using words you are using a variety of images and creating an overall relationship between all the images. Another factor that relates to traditional writing is the process. Just like in writing you follow a process of creation with the video mashup. The first step is the fact that you come up with a first rough draft. You get your ideas together and start to give it form. Then you move on to refining the first draft. Then you sooner or later arrive at the third complete draft that clearly expresses the message you are trying to get across.

Another way this video mashup relates to traditional writing is that you use symbolism to create a meaning or message. In the video mashup we have to take a variety of images and things that do not have any relation and create and relationship between them. We do this by creating a relevance between the images.

My experience in this project is that it opened new doors of expressionism. I had taken editing classes in the past, but not once did I ever think of doing such a video mashup. Using a variety of videos to create a message was very enlightening. The ways that I had to work around not related images taught me a variety of new ways on how to approach new and different ideas. I also learned that one can create a relation between even the most unrelated of images. This project allowed me to learn how to create meaning from one idea to the next. The other thing I pulled from this project is the method of research I had to do. Though despite having fun with this project I did feel a sense of irritation. This was because at some point IMovie seemed to be messing with me and was changing the durations of all my clips. This made it incredibly difficult to finish and held me up a great deal of time.

Reflection 2:

This video mashup expresses the every growing negative effects technology has on society. Every where you go you can find at least one person looking at a screen weather it be a cellphone screen, a computer screen, or even a tv screen. In this video I used a variety of images representing people using the three major forms of technology to go on the internet, text, and make use of social media. I tried to express how this technology is effecting the way society develops as they become more controlled by the monster that is technology.

I also tried to show what technology addiction can do to people in their development. I used a variety of clips that showed people having to get locked up in a clinic, a kid going crazy from his games being taken away, among other examples of people looking tired and dazed from looking at a screen.

I decided to represent technology in my video as a form of monster. Technology can be viewed as a monster that is slowly evolving as we develop society. Throughout the video I have the mechanical monster slowly evolve from a monstrous machine to the point where man and machine are one. I tried to show how technology is slowly taking over society as a whole. We as humans are becoming more reliant on technology as time progresses and in my mash up you can see the monster slowly take the shape of a human as if it s taking place of all human functionality. Another area I express this is in the last part of my video. In the last part you see the infants symbolized by the large monster. This shows how the unrefined interest in technology starts off at a young age. Then you see a toddler on a swing that leads into a bunch of clunky robots walking. This shows the learning process of a child getting familiar with technology. After that you see a bunch of teenagers symbolized by Iron Man suiting up. This expresses the stage in our lives when we have become dependent on technology in our everyday lives. By the time you are an adult you will realize that a lot of your life is run by the technology you use.

Child Abduction and Trafficking Mashup


Reflection 1:

This was single handedly the most frustrating assignment of my entire college career, and not because of the assignment itself but the medium that was used. Perhaps with professional editing software this would not have been so painstaking and I would have had a better experience. Trying to get a message across to an audience without writing is still very difficult for me, but this course has taught me a lot about the different mediums for communication and I appreciate that. In a world that is so technology centered it is important to be literate with everything, after completing this assignment I feel better prepared to be a writer of the future. It was incredibly frustrating to complete this assignment when the trial period ran out on Vegas Pro and I could not get another application to download, then when I thought I would be okay my entire laptop crashed. The process of relying on technology to complete an assignment was awful, I didnt have much difficulty with software editing when I could use it, but that was the irony of it all. I would chose traditional writing over digital video any day of the week because there are so many variables involved when you rely on another medium, today we use technology often but because it is newer it costs more to fix or replace and it takes too much time to actually get working. If this had been an essay and my laptop had crashed I could have just gone and used the libraries, but because it required me using another program I had no choice but to wait. Had this been a traditional essay, I could have used a pen and if that pen stopped working I could have used another one and so on. Digital media will be popular, that much I know and for that I am grateful to have had the experience, but I do not want a job where I have to rely so heavily on technology to pay the bills.


Reflection 2:

When you are working on conveying a message everything that you do is strategic and intended, with that being said every cut and edit was very strategic. My mash up focused on child abduction and trafficking, I wanted to portray the life of an abductee, the loneliness, the despair, the sadness that they are feeling as they are being sold and traded and used, as their lives are being destroyed. Getting that message across within 4 minutes of videos to a soundtrack that had little to do with the subject was difficult but it was not impossible. Sean Hall talks about how adults need things explained to them and have poor insight, I think this is pretty accurate especially today because everybody takes everything so literally (see the 9258034829047290 tweets about girls who literally have to have or do something). As I was creating this mash up I thought first about what my topic was, and then spent some time looking through videos for representations of that topic. Throughout my mash up you can see that I repeatedly used a clip of a bloody tennis shoe floating down a river, this clip was taking from a video about Molestation and in the original video you clearly know whose shoe it is and what happened to them but I used this clip to create intertexuality. This shoe when shown next to a girl who is tied up or chained does not have much effect, you can figure out what happened, the greater affect happens when I use this shoe next to a girl who is being approached by an older male because you are forced to draw your own conclusions and figure out what happened between those two scenes. This bloody shoe is a representation of these girls who have been kidnapped and abducted and eventually are forgotten,and a metaphor for their lives. If you passed a shoe on the side of the road you wouldnt think about it. Just as the young girls standing in the middle of a train station ignored by everyone surrounding them.

What’s Beauty? Mash Up

Reflection 1:

For this video mash up I worked with Sony Vegas Pro 11. It was my first time using this technology to form a video of any sort.  At first, it was difficult to use Sony Vegas Pro 11 but I got the hang of it and it got easier as I kept using it. Using this type of forum for wiring was like learning a new genre of writing for the first time, you must keep practicing to understand it and make it perfect.  Like traditional writing it was hard to brainstorm my ideas for this assignment.  It took a long time to get my ideas together into one cohesive thought.  Just like traditional writing, I wrote down my ideas for this mash up.  This helped me because it allowed me to get thoughts down in an organized way.

Researching for this video was a little more difficult than I thought.  When researching for a traditional research paper, it is way easier because you can easily find multiple sources on the specific topic you are writing about.  When searching for an article, I usually type the topic or words about the topic and the search engine will pick up key words and find articles.  When looking for videos, it was difficult because Youtube did not pick up key words that might appear in the video.  This made the research process a lot longer than I originally thought it would be.

Like writing, this video has a beginning, middle, and ending but the way it is presented it not straight forward or orderly like traditional writing.  This was hard to get out of the habit of doing.  Once you are taught to always have your writing and thoughts in an orderly fashion, breaking out of that is challenging.  I really had to think about not placing video clips where I would normally think to place them.  This is also the fun and beauty of video mash ups though.  Putting your thoughts into an abstract order is really fun to do!

I really liked making this video mash up. I think it is a great way to get across a message to a large number of people.  I mean, I would much rather watch a video mash up than read a 10 page research report.  Just like traditional writing would discuss, this video mash up shows a serious social problem and ideas surrounding that problem.  While this mash up uses video clips and not words, like traditional writing would, I think its message is just as if not more effective than it would be in a traditional writing piece.  I think having your ideas represented by an image, either still or moving; can give a very powerful message.  Using video allows people who would not normally choose to read an article the opportunity to get educated, and that is powerful!

Reflection 2

This mash up video represents the idea that society has an effect on the way people think about and see beauty.  Through the use of commercials, ads, and toys, specifically Barbie, women of society are trained and taught to look a certain way, because that is what beauty is.  In order to represent this idea I used many beauty and Barbie ads.  In addition to that I used many clips and theories to represent an idea or feeling.

One idea that is very important throughout this video is the idea that commercials affect the way women view beauty.  To get this point across I used multiple makeup commercials.  Every commercial is essentially the same, the makeup is shown, the model puts it on, smiles, and the makeup is shown again.  “How is this equation possible?” is the theory I used to get across the message.  The signifier in each commercial is a person, specifically a model, the linking notion is beauty, and the signified is makeup.  The message that these commercials send is that in order to look like that model and to be beautiful you need to wear this makeup.  I also illustrated this idea through the use of a montage, showing that each commercial is essentially the same and gives the same message.

Another important idea that I represented is the thought that society and commercials have power over beauty and the way women see beauty.  I illustrated this idea by incorporating the video clip of the string on the doll being pulled.  The pulling of the string is a metaphor to show this idea.  I placed this clip throughout the video, usually after commercials of makeup or Barbie showing that the commercials are controlling us just like the person pulling the string is controlling the doll. I also showed this idea by inserting clips of the girl being strapped in the chair and being made over by various people, the puppet, and the girl being manipulated to look like Barbie on a computer.

I added video clips of various little girls throughout the world that represented their idea of beauty.  I put these video clips after or before commercials of Barbie or little girls putting makeup on.  I placed these clips after or before them to contrast, or juxtapose, the different ideas of beauty.   In one clip we see a little girl in Africa being force feed to make her gain weight and having her fingers clinched to make stretch marks this is very different than the “American” idea of beauty and is not shown through most commercials or ads.  To show the difference I placed it right before a little girl putting makeup on and a commercial of a Barbie doll in a beauty salon.  This contrast the different ideas of beauty little girls grow up with.

Another clip I used to illustrate a concept is the skeletons.  I placed the skeletons to illustrate the concept that we are all the same inside.  We are all essentially the same with the same skeleton on the inside.  I hope through the use of the clips I chose to use, the social problem of what beauty is, is being represented.

It’s Still Domestic Violence


Working with video can be just as fun, and just as stressful as writing. In writing, ideas can flow clearly and easily from one’s pen. The research done for the topic can help the writer to more easily put together ideas and create a workable argument. If writer’s block sets in, it may take days, or even weeks for the writer to push past that wall and continue with the piece.

In video, the same situations occur. Videos seem to fit seamlessly together as if they were meant to go along to that song at that moment, just for the editor. Research increases the likelihood that the creator will have an easier time building a video into what it needs to be, while there is always the possibility of “writer’s” block.

This writer’s (or editor’s) block can stem from a multitude of problems, all of which have a strong possibility to be encountered. The most likely problem is problems with the software. Beginning a project based on video editing with absolutely no editing experience can seem impossible. It can be compared to writing a college level paper with a crayon, some paper, and a twelve year olds brain. Yes you know how to use crayons and paper (computer) and yes you know how to write (build a story) but this is new, and you have a deadline. While this may be a leap, the similarities are still there.

Another possible cause for editor’s block is being unable to efficiently get your message across. On the one hand, an obvious message is boring, and doesn’t really separate your work from that of any other amateur. On the other, having a message that is too deluded can completely submerge the message and hide its meaning.  This balance is a difficult one to find, but is a necessary one for a mash up to be considered well done.

Video editing technology is not all bad too work with; it also helps a writer to delve into another level of creativity that they may have previously been unaware of. This is easily accomplished by letting the writer literally show the reader, as opposed to explaining it to them for them to imagine. This new style can help to develop a writer’s skills of creation further, so that in any situation they may be put in, they have a grasp of the process.

While the technology helps the writer to hone their creative skills, it is also a way to help a writer have a basic understanding of a new media outlet. Writing is evolving, and so must the writer. While writing is often defined as using letters, words, paragraphs, etc.; the act of getting a story out to an audience can be considered writing in its own right. With that in mind, the benefits of understanding another form of storytelling are obvious. While this type of writing is still young and can be difficult, as it becomes more common it will be a smooth and stream lined process for the writer of tomorrow.


Through this mash up, the message being portrayed is a reflective one on the occurrence of domestic abuse done against males in modern society and how this abuse is ignored or even laughed at. With that said, the video in no way tries to take away from the fact that domestic violence occurs against both sexes. This was done mainly through a portrayal of fear, shame, and pain that a man in this circumstance would feel. To properly explain how these ideas are demonstrated in the mash up, the next few paragraphs will do an in depth analysis of some of the noteworthy points in the video.

The idea of time is an important aspect of this piece, first portrayed by the very first clip of a metronome. Time is used to show that this is not a recent problem but has always been there. Time is represented by many things within the video, such as the metronome, clocks, aging, older video, and videos that have been reversed. These symbols give the viewer an insight into the age of the problem, without outwardly stating that fact.

The metronome is also a metaphor for the physical abuse itself, in the way that a metronome counts beats in music. This metaphor can only be understood if the viewer has previous experience with music, and can use that knowledge to decipher the meaning. In the introductory part of the video, a montage of time going by accompanied by violence and fear helps to introduce the idea of violence and distress a person in this situation would feel.

The entire video juxtaposes videos of violence alongside oddities and peculiarities. This is done to provide the viewer with a mindset as to just how ridiculous the attack of a partner may be, but more importantly how ridiculous it is that we, as a society, choose to ignore the suffering of a group of people based on their sex.

There are many images of absorption and deflation within the mash up, showing the feeling of loss and pain that a person goes through when they are in this situation. This analogy is explained in scenes such as the man having the life sucked out of him and the man being attacked by giant creatures, but also by the puppet that slowly drips and peels away.

The most prominent message displayed in the video, is that of silence and shame. In this society, men are raised believing they are supposed to be strong and hard-willed, but this is not always the case. That process is represented in the opening of a man’s mind within the film, followed by scenes of pain and suffering. Throughout the mashup, scenes of the three monkeys, calm watered ships, and creatures hiding underground are shown to represent this fear of being emasculated and idea of keeping quiet about what is going on.

The end of the video portrays the fact that this way of thinking will continue. The man’s mind is closed once again, the puppets sit quietly around the television, and the deer stands at the edge of the vacant pit. All is quiet on the outside, but only hides the suffering so many feel on the outside. Time keeps ticking on.

Fame! – Is It Really Worth It? by Denia R Martinez

Reflecting on the Mashup Experience

Why I Do Declare! (The First Reflection)

I can honestly say that this was singularly the hardest thing I have EVER done and that includes two root canals, tightening of braces, and fractured bones.  The anxiety of getting the right clips, am I getting it in the right order? Will anyone understand what I’m trying to do? Is the message coming across? Are they supposed to understand? Should I be using different clips, how many is too many or is less actually more?  All these questions and more plagued me as I was researching to put this thing together.  And then having a conference with your professor where he casually mentions maybe changing the song and then strongly suggesting that you cut out half of the clips that you have accumulated and all about a week before the due date didn’t help my anxiety level at all.

However, I am thankful for this experience because it pushed me.  It made me think even more outside of the box than I usually do (or at least I like to think that I do.)  It was an intriguing method of getting my message across without using any words.  I also learned a new software program, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. It was extremely technical. I am seriously thankful for my brother for providing the program and helping me get started and then making sure that all my clips were enlarged.  I got more than half but there were some that were giving me trouble.  By that point in time (about 2:30 in the morning), I was about ready to pass out and he made sure I kept at it until I was satisfied with it.

Mashing up videos and traditional writing are actually very similar.  I approached it the same way that I do with traditional writing and that’s with coming up with a concept, especially one that I will feel I can do it justice.  I researched the topic to make sure that whatever I’m putting out there is actually grounded in fact and not just made up information which is followed by hopefully presenting it in a cohesive manner that will be able to be consumed by your intended audience.

Another way that I noticed in creating this mashup correlates to traditional writing is the selection process.  With that I mean selecting the right clips goes hand in hand with selecting the right words.  I felt as if the editing process was actually different because with traditional writing you can just cut out words, substitute and then move on. But with video clips; but you have to make sure that the visual message you are trying to convey doesn’t change because you are altering the location or type of clips that you are using.

Thinking back on this I feel that I would have done better with I would have known the limit of clips that I could have used.  Like less than 50 but more than 20 something along those lines would have made it easier to narrow the focus and know that I could have done more.

(side note: Now that I do have this program maybe once I have free time, I’ll play around with it and see what I can come up with.)

The Second Refection (because the fun doesn’t just stop with the first one)

When I first started this mashup I wanted to explore the recent breach of privacy with the hacking into the celebrities’ private accounts and releasing personal and private photos to the general public.  I started my research and decided to include the children of celebrities; but I ultimately decided that it wasn’t enough.

Most people assume that celebrities have a glamorous life with movies, more money than the US treasury, and shouldn’t have anything to complain about because they are living the good life.  But if you think about it, celebrities are just actors are just humans who are trying to do a job and musicians are just humans who want to create music and hopefully share it with the world.  But because they become high profile, society feels as if they should be able to know everything about them.

For example, I used Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, & Kirsten Dunst because their privacy was invaded when their personal photos were leaked for public consumption.  That is why I tried to structure their clips within the two clips of typing on a keyboard followed by the second one having the skeleton on it to show that it was a bad thing.

There are those who succumbed to the pressures of Hollywood by way of drug overdose or suicide such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Cory Monteith, Dana Plato, Judy Garland, and River Phoenix are the representations of individuals who are succumbed to the pressures of the Hollywood lifestyle.  There are so many of them which is why I chose to begin and end with them.

Then there are the musicians, such as Selena and John Lennon, who were murdered by their fans.  Princess Diana has a dual meaning because she died in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi and showing footage of her accident is also to highlight have paparazzi are relentless in pursuing a picture.

Juxtaposition comes in with the three successful actors who transitioned into successful adults.  I choose to showcase them first their younger selves and then them older.  Neil Patrick Harris and Leonardo DiCaprio are two actors that were successful both as child actors and adult actors.  Shirley Temple was one of the most successful child actors of the 30s who transitioned into a political figure as a UN ambassador. (You only asked for clips from the 40s and on; but I thought I could do one better. Woohoo extra points??)  The black and white Shirley Temple footage is from one of her movies “War Babies” of babies taking the place of adults which is what happens a lot of the time when child actors who aren’t protected and/or given the chance of having a grounded-in-reality childhood.  I wouldn’t say normal because normal is relative.

Intertextuality comes in the form of Amanda Bynes & Lindsay Lohan, coincidentally two former child stars as well.  These two actresses are known for their brushes with the law as well as dealing with personal mental health issues.  I used footage from Amanda’s movie, “She’s the Man” were she pretended to be her twin brother to play soccer to showcase the mental breakdown that she’s been going through these past couple of years.  Lindsay’s footage was from “Just My Luck” and it really was just my luck that there was a jail scene with her in it.

Sean Hall states that “when one thing is substituted for another in a piece of communication we call it a metonym.”  My metonyms were the clips from the Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Rear Window” which shows the two people with a camera and binoculars to signify society’s fascination with knowing everything about celebrities from what they drink, to what they wear, to who they sleep with.

The vultures are my metaphors because they are the best thing that I can think of besides piranhas to signal to the viewer what I think the paparazzi look like when they are circling a celebrity doing random everyday things.  The cars being crushed signifies the pressure that celebrities are constantly under as well as the car test crash dummies. (These were also taken from McIntosh’s clips and I could have sworn I read somewhere that if we were able to incorporate any of those clips into our mashup that there will be bonus points also.)

I hope I was successful in my attempt of a mashup.