Reflection #2 MASHUP


This mashup is based on student education rights in local schools. More times than not, schools are these places where children go to act like zombies then robots for eight hours straight. They are told what to do and where to go every single day. I made this video because as a future teacher, it’s very important that student’s get a say in what they are learning, when they are learning it, and how they are learning it. School can be a very fun, active, upbeat place if we allow it.

Throughout the video I have a mime and robots. They are symbolic of the students. This represents their voice being taken away. From McIntosh’s article, “A History of subversive remix video before YouTube: Thirty political video mashups made between World War II and 2005”, he states on what a remix video is should include, “Works comment on, deconstruct, or challenge media narratives, dominant myths, social norms, and traditional power structures—they can be either sympathetic to or antagonistic to their pop culture sources, sometimes both at the same time.” Within my video, I wanted to challenge the social norms of schools in our society and comment on what can be done better.

Semiotics Theory is found through out my mashup video. Everytime that I gave some meaning and applied it to my topic of student education rights, I used semiotics theory. For example, the soldiers in my mashup. Soldiers are not an exact reference to students, schools, or education. So I had to use semiotics to give it meaning and refer them to education rights. I used clips of soldiers to symbolize the students. The student’s are working really hard, and sometimes at the end of the day they might just get “shot”, but they want their education, (freedom) so they will continue to work for it.

I remixed and mashed several different videos to make it one solid combination. In several videos, their are students standing up, standing on their desks, speaking up, and for example in the Freedom Writers piece, he is standing among his classmates and teacher and speaking up what he believes in. Mashing several of these video clips together made the viewer get a better understanding that I’m trying to convey the fact that students’ have a voice and it NEEDS to be used.

Right before the end there is a montage of robots falling down, protesters, soldiers, and the mime being stuck. But then more towards the finale of my video, the girl from American Idol is bolting out those notes, again representing voice and rights students have. I mixed these clips all up together to create a montage of flipping back and forth to show the extremities of this issue.

I edited things precisely so the viewer could get a full understanding without being bored to death. When the clips are kept short and really mashed well, for example, the part towards the end when it is going back and forth between having a voice being heard and not at all, it captures the viewers attention of this problem.

This was a really fun way to express an issue and challenge the social norms and laws being held today. It was difficult creating the video, but many benefits. I feel I got a much better understanding of semiotics in full and of course remix and mashup.


Hope you all enjoyed my video!