Influential Locations

Do you remember that one place you used to visit all the time? One that contains a lot of memories? Can you remember a place that had a heavy impact on your life? For me that place is Laurel Acres Park. I decided to do my project on Laurel Acres Park because it is a location I have held close to my heart for many years now. It has been a few years since I stepped foot in the park itself. This project is what caused me to return to the park from my childhood. The park had an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Throughout our lives we visit a variety of places that we often forget shortly after we leave. However, with this project I wanted to express how some of these locations can impact us for the rest of our lives. Laurel Acres had a great impact on me when I was younger simply because the different atmosphere it offers compared to my usual surroundings.

In the project I aimed to take photos that made it seem like I was a kid again walking around Laurel Acres Park. I wanted to show the very images that impacted me as a child. The very views that actually influenced how I grew as a person. I often visit Laurel Acres park in my down time. There were a lot of moments that left impressions on me in that park. Half of my childhood memories are from that park. I wanted to capture the wonders of Laurel Acres with the camera I used. I wanted to capture the atmosphere and type of place Laurel Acres is with my photos. To me this park offers an escape from the ever growing civilization we now live in. Every time I go to this park I am reminded of what it is like to take a step outside of society and into nature. My photos are meant to express how a single location can impact or influence a persons thoughts by merely offering an amazing view.


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