That Rare Moment

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When I saw this picture a certain thought came to mind. I have never seen Rowan with such light snow on the ground. This photograph is a picture of a beautiful scene where the snow just lightly blankets the ground. This got me thinking about how often it is we take pictures in a moment and not realize how rare of a chance it is to capture such a picture.

I mentioned in a previous post how pictures are used to capture a moment or a memory. However, most people often take a picture and eventually forget about them at some point? Why is this? Most of the time it is because people take so many pictures now a days that those singular pictures of rare moments are forgotten.


This is a picture I took earlier this year. I believe this was a rare moment in my life because I got to get up close to a real live wolf. How often do people get to say that? How often do we get to see a picture where the ground is beautifully covered in snow with grass popping out from just underneath?

However, this makes me question the fact that is taking a picture of a rare moment really worth it? I wonder because sometimes I think that taking a picture in such beautiful scenery ruins the moment. To be honest I am one who does not take many pictures. I have never been into making heavy use of my camera. However, the few times I have made use of my camera I had realized one thing. My camera was taken out, but never put away.

Have you ever noticed that? Whenever you take your phone out to take a quick picture, one picture,


which turns into two pictures,


then three pictures?


I’ve noticed it. I feel like a camera even though meant to capture a moment also ruins a moment. Like instead of starring at beautiful scenery, you see it through a lens. Instead of enjoying time with my family I am posing multiple times for photos.

I feel in this day and age we feel excessive need to take a picture of every fleeting moment. However, I believe a clear memory of that fleeting moment is much better than a picture. A picture captures the sight of a moment. However, does it capture the experience of a rare moment?

Think back to the last rare moment you had. Whether it be something like you watched your little cousin take their first few steps. It could be something like you saw a beautiful sunset. Maybe saw a form of wild life you never saw before. imagine the elation and excitement you have. The experience of seeing it for the first time. Now, while in that elated moment you suddenly pull out the camera and pour all your focus into that perfect shot. Congrats, you just traded the elation for a freeze frame.

I believe that in this day and age we are compelled to take pictures of everything. You have people taking pictures of themselves doing the most random of things. You see a variety of photos online that seem to have no meaning behind them at all. I believe that when we are focused on capturing that rare moment we miss the chance to truly enjoy a moment.

What do you think? Do you think your camera ruins the moment? Do you think taking a picture adds to the experience of a rare moment at all?

In my opinion we all need to just put down our camera and stop focusing on capturing rare moments. I think rare moments should be enjoyed with your own eyes instead of a lens. I have a lot of memories in my head that remind me of all the great times I had. My eyes have always enjoyed just taking in the moment. I never needed a camera to create or catch a memory. I just remember the fun and joy I have in that moment and I think that memory gives me more than a photo could ever hope to give me. Not once have I ever looked back at a photo and remembered the full experience of the image it captured. It’s difficult to capture a full moment with a picture because you do not capture all the senses. you do not capture the sounds or smells you have at the time of the picture. You only capture an image, but not the experience itself. So, i believe we need to put down the cameras and use our eyes instead of a lens to take a picture of the scenes we come across in everyday life.


2 thoughts on “That Rare Moment

  1. I actually think the opposite of what you are saying in your blog post. I do however see the point that you are making. But, I think that this day in age no one is taking pictures to capture beautiful, everyday moments. I think people are taking out their cell phones to take pictures to post on social media. We are so self absorbed when it comes to the pictures we take. Selfies, filters, social media, making sure you look good in the picture all adds to the self centered pictures we take. We no longer care to capture a beautiful moment, we are interested in taking pictures to post to social media that will make us look cool. I have a friend that is addicted to her phone and every social media app on it. We recently went to Philly for the day and I literally had to threaten her to put her phone away because she was taking pictures for snap chat and instagram. I think if we started to taking pictures of meaningful things instead of self-centered things we would have beautiful pictures.


  2. Interesting how you said pictures are supposed to capture great moments but sometimes ruin them. My camera on my iphone 5 has stopped working as of yesterday morning and still is not working. I didn’t realize how much I used my camera until it stopped working. I probably over use it. You made a good point when you said instead of spending time with family and friends, you had to keep looking up at the camera and posing for pictures. I am a picture lover, but memories are so much more important, and they remain in your heart, not on a camera.


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