Kelci and Conner Throughout the Years

I had a very difficult time coming up with a subject for this photo essay that would have a deep meaning. I wanted to invest myself in a topic I was passionate about and a point I would like to share with my class. I am fascinated with people and emotions, and one subject kept coming back into my head. I wanted to explore the relationship between my younger brother and I. My parents divorced and my father remarried when I was almost two. He and his new wife gained custody of me and even though she was not the woman who gave birth to me, she became my mom. When I was four years old my parents asked me what I wanted more than anything in the whole world. I told them a bike. About 7 months later, I still didn’t have a new bike, but I had a new baby brother. I was so in love with my baby brother, wanting to be with him every minute, to watch over him and keep him safe. My little brother, Conner, is now 17 and even though he towers over me I can still say the same thing is true. Conner is truly my best friend in the entire world and that is what I wanted to portray through my photo essay. My goal is to show in the 17 years that have passed and been captured on film, together Conner and I have experienced countless heartbreaks, accomplishments, tragedies, and celebrations. However, through it all nothing in our relationship has changed- it has only been made stronger. My intent was to put the pictures from the past, next to my remade photographs of Conner and I in order to show the passing of time. I wanted to show that although time passes in the blink of an eye, it is wonderful to be able to look back at old photographs and reminisce.


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