Working Mom (Photo Essay)

In my photo essay, I will be showing pictures of different aspects of what it is like to be a working mom. Chores get left undone, the bed doesn’t get made and the time shared between a mother and child is limited. Children at a young age deal with separation anxiety. Every time I come home, my daughter will cling to my hip. I cannot get anything done until she goes to bed. She cries whenever I leave the room because she thinks that I am leaving her again. Being a full time student and a part time manager, I typically only get one day off to spend the whole day with her. To her, that is not enough. Moms are supposed to be at home every day with their children. Unfortunately, in today’s world, most women are forced to work and be a mom at the same time. Years ago, women would have never let anyone else raise their children for them since very few women were allowed to work. Being a mom is an everyday struggle. No one can prepare a woman to be a mom. It is something that a woman learns on her own in everyday experiences. It is much harder when being a working mom. If you are not a mom then it is very hard to understand exactly what it feels like. I never truly understood what it was like to be a mom until I became one. I hope that you can see the good and the bad that is associated with being a working mom. The despair that a mother may feel leaving their child every day to go to work is a feeling that is hard to describe but through pictures, I hope that you can get a sense of what it feels like.


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