What We Wear Photo Essay

As an education major I am expected to look profession out in the field (in the classroom) and of course I do, but what I see inside the classroom is sometimes opposite of what I see outside of the classroom from my peers; professional in class and sometimes unrecognizable outside. I feel as though there is a disconnect between the clothes people wear in a professional setting and what they wear during their leisure time or out in social environment.

Speaking for myself, I believe there is a certain standard and attire set for educators and I would like to hold myself accountable for upholding that standard. I enjoy looking professional in front of my peers and future colleagues, but it is not always the most comfortable of attire. My attire that I wear out in social events is not the complete opposite of what I wear inside the classroom because for me I want to maintain a certain professional image. I don’t feel comfortable showing a lot of skin or wearing clothes that are extremely tight. In both environments I am conscious of the image I am portraying.

Through my photos I want to show how clothes and gesture can affect the image you are portraying. Every photo shares the where the person being photographed works. Knowing the person’s place of work will affect how we view their dress and their personality. I chose to only photograph the person’s clothes because showing the face will reveal too much about the person and the emphasis is on the clothes we choose to wear.

Gesture in these photos is also important because it shows where the person is most comfortable. Are we more comfortable in work attire or in attire meant for our friends? One question I ask you to think about while viewing the photographs is where are we most comfortable and do we feel this way because of the conformity to dress in one attire rather than another?


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