Remember the days when…?

I saw this picture the other day, and I thought…man, I remember when going outside and playing all day was just what we did. And now? Well now I feel like I’m drowning in just piles and mountains of work all the time. And the kids I see today, well they aren’t usually too concerned with getting enough sunlight. It’s amazing to me how much our world has changed and how in many ways, we’ve progressed, but in so many other ways, we’ve reverted. Staying inside, alone is something I feel happened many moons ago, and it happened because it had to, but now face to face interaction is too low on the priority list, because people and kids want to shut their brains off and just be entertained. How do we get back to relationships? How do we all get back to place where thinking and talking about your thoughts while other people can see your face get all scrunched up when you’re thinking too hard?


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