Photo Essay: Domestic Violence Final Copy

Introduction of Images

When trying to develop and express a message to an audience, writers have a formula in mind. While creating my photo essay, I created a formula that consists of time sequence, theme, ideas, and location/background. I used these individually, but making sure they interlink together. My overall theme displayed through my photos is domestic violence.

Themes are really important when trying to express an idea, validate a point, or get a message across. Along with showing images of variations of domestic violence raw, I showed images of the aftermath. Not exactly images of the physical aftermath, for example, bruises and black eyes, but more of the mental and emotional effects it causes. I also showed symbolic images of the power someone has over you, and showed metaphors of power and outlets/escapes as well. Since I wanted to show domestic violence raw, and then the aftermath, time sequence for my images was a key to developing my photo essay.

The time sequence starts off right away with screaming and yelling, which doesn’t exactly scream abusive relationship, but that’s why it was important for my images to progress. The following image is a standing male over a woman shouting at her. The woman is sitting and covering her face seeming scared of him. Following that image, there is the same woman sitting sunken in with a males hand over her mouth, representing power and dominance. The next image is the same thing, but this time the woman is sitting more straight up, and is trying to pull the hand away. The last few images are of the woman sitting there distraught, tired, scared, confused, angry, and plain miserable.

You can clearly see the struggle that she is going through, but more importantly you feel for her. I wanted my audience to connect with my images, not just by me pulling on their heart strings, and not necessarily connecting directly. I don’t expect them to know what the pain from an abusive relationship is like, but that’s not my main point. My main point is for them to be able to draw connections and know it’s a daily struggle. Domestic violence is something that was happening yesterday, today, and will continue happening in the future unless the silence is broken.






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