Nature Vs. The Human Footprint: Photo Essay


The goal of my photo essay is to demonstrate how something as beautiful as nature is being impacted by the human footprint. Many of us overlook the beautiful sunrise that occurs in the early morning, and turn a cold shoulder to the countless amount of trees being cut down to build yet another building complex. We are loosing sight of the beauty that we are stealing from our world just for the sake of our wants. I want to show how if we continue on in this manner how it will be ultimately devastating for our future generations. What beauty will they look forward to seeing if there is no natural beauty left?

Something many of us forget is how untouched nature actually appears in its pure state. By this I mean I was to show trees, a sun rise, and things that have yet to be impacted by the human footprint.  Some may have never seen an area such as one I am describing. They may have simply witnesses what I am showing as the contrast between nature and human impact. For example I may take a picture of a sunset with a sign for a business in the background. I want it to ultimately show the turn in how our world is interpreting and interacting with nature. Are they seeing it with no interference or are they viewing that sunset with a large sign standing in their way?

-Ashley DeBella-McNemer


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