Changing of Seasons (Photo Essay Final Draft)

For my photo essay, I pondered on many different topics. As this final assignment reminds us that the semester is quickly coming to an end; I began to think about the changes happening all around us. One of my favorite changes is in the seasons. Therefore, I decided to make my photo essay about the ever so changing weather and seasons. For example, the transition from the crisp, fall air and sunshine to the bitterness of the stabbing cold and grey skies. Some of my photos have a gray color scale to them and the main focus is rain or a dark sky. The emotion you get as soon

as you look at these pictures is almost the same as if you step outside and see a similar scene for yourself. On the contrast, I also have bright pictures that have colorful leaves and sunshine beaming in them. These photos instantly uplift you. That is the fun part, not only can you create a mood but an entire story based on the scenes and images in your photos.

There are hundreds of qualities and characteristics that make up a picture. In my photos for example, the use of color, texture and time of day play a huge role. Because of the changes from day-to-day as each season transforms before our very eyes, my photos are unique and relatable. In my photo essay, I transition from rain to sleet to sunshine. I not only focus on texture but also on literal things that remind us of the seasons such as, Christmas trees and falling leaves. All of these things symbolize something for us. There is no question that our mood also changes because of the weather and seasons. Just as no photo is ever the same, neither is any day. They may look or feel similar, but they are never identical by any means. This is the message I hope to give in my photo essay.


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