“Automatic” Photo Essay

All of these images play a role in displaying change. Not just everyday change, but change that deals with technologies. These photos were inspired by Miranda Lambert’s song, “Automatic”. In the song, the point that she makes is that things use to be done by hand, and involved much hard work. Today, technologies have made nearly everything that we do automatic. It was just fine the way things were, why did we need all of this new technology? The photos will be juxtaposed by using the new technology with the old technology. Due to the theme, the older photos were taken with a disposable camera, while the newer photos were taking on my phone. Even though the photos were taken on a disposable camera, I was able to put a 1960’s filter on them. This helps one to see that the reason these technologies are changing is due to the times. As I see it, these newer technologies are making us lazier.

These new technologies are great for many reasons, however; after seeing the photos side by side, I am trying to convey a melancholy tone. The old way of doing things was fine just the way they were, and this change is sometimes not for the better. Even though trying to convey this melancholy tone, the pictures do speak for themselves. Some of the pictures looked blurred because I covered the lens with plastic wrap. This was to create the sense that by adding these new technologies; we are losing sight of the true meaning of hard work. It also is supposed to serve as a metaphor that as these new technologies come about, we are losing sight of the past. According to Berger, “What it shows invokes what is not shown” (293). Each of these photos contains technologies new and old, and even some “technologies” that one would not usually consider a technology, and are overlooked.


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