The Dual Perspectives of Atlantic City

Yves Marchand and Romain Mefre in The Ruins of Detroit inspire the following photographs. Having been raised near Atlantic City, New Jersey my entire life I have seen the highs, lows, and everything well in-between. As the months have progressed, the interior of Atlantic City has begun to deteriorate, casinos and businesses closing, while crime rates have remained steady, and unemployment is at an all-time high. While this has continued, many tourists have disregarded the negative impact Atlantic City has had on the community and its people. The photos in this album show two different perspectives of Atlantic City, that of the tourist, and that of the resident. I am attempting to depict the struggle versus the party. Majority of the images are of landscape and scenery, which is enough to portray this time. I would like for each individual viewer to take these photos into consideration, and to attempt to determine which view of Atlantic City they have. If your views seem to align with that of the tourist, perhaps you can take a step back and determine if there’s something that can be done, or feel sympathy for your favorite party place turning into rubble. While that’s one way of viewing the photos, there is also the perspective of those who live in the city. If you tend to only see the negatives, take a moment to realize there is still hope, and there are still a lot of events and places to look forward too.

My point being, Atlantic City is what YOU make it, but it is not a city limited to one perspective, it can vary. Realize that there is a lot of depth to this city becoming ruins if you search the interior long enough. Take a moment to try to decide where you stand.


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