Technology Mashup

Reflection 1: This experience relates to traditional writing by the fact that it is a form of expression. Writing is often used to create a message or express a message. The video mashup serves that same purpose. The video mash up uses a bunch of images to display a message that someone is trying to get across just like writing. Except instead of using words you are using a variety of images and creating an overall relationship between all the images. Another factor that relates to traditional writing is the process. Just like in writing you follow a process of creation with the video mashup. The first step is the fact that you come up with a first rough draft. You get your ideas together and start to give it form. Then you move on to refining the first draft. Then you sooner or later arrive at the third complete draft that clearly expresses the message you are trying to get across.

Another way this video mashup relates to traditional writing is that you use symbolism to create a meaning or message. In the video mashup we have to take a variety of images and things that do not have any relation and create and relationship between them. We do this by creating a relevance between the images.

My experience in this project is that it opened new doors of expressionism. I had taken editing classes in the past, but not once did I ever think of doing such a video mashup. Using a variety of videos to create a message was very enlightening. The ways that I had to work around not related images taught me a variety of new ways on how to approach new and different ideas. I also learned that one can create a relation between even the most unrelated of images. This project allowed me to learn how to create meaning from one idea to the next. The other thing I pulled from this project is the method of research I had to do. Though despite having fun with this project I did feel a sense of irritation. This was because at some point IMovie seemed to be messing with me and was changing the durations of all my clips. This made it incredibly difficult to finish and held me up a great deal of time.

Reflection 2:

This video mashup expresses the every growing negative effects technology has on society. Every where you go you can find at least one person looking at a screen weather it be a cellphone screen, a computer screen, or even a tv screen. In this video I used a variety of images representing people using the three major forms of technology to go on the internet, text, and make use of social media. I tried to express how this technology is effecting the way society develops as they become more controlled by the monster that is technology.

I also tried to show what technology addiction can do to people in their development. I used a variety of clips that showed people having to get locked up in a clinic, a kid going crazy from his games being taken away, among other examples of people looking tired and dazed from looking at a screen.

I decided to represent technology in my video as a form of monster. Technology can be viewed as a monster that is slowly evolving as we develop society. Throughout the video I have the mechanical monster slowly evolve from a monstrous machine to the point where man and machine are one. I tried to show how technology is slowly taking over society as a whole. We as humans are becoming more reliant on technology as time progresses and in my mash up you can see the monster slowly take the shape of a human as if it s taking place of all human functionality. Another area I express this is in the last part of my video. In the last part you see the infants symbolized by the large monster. This shows how the unrefined interest in technology starts off at a young age. Then you see a toddler on a swing that leads into a bunch of clunky robots walking. This shows the learning process of a child getting familiar with technology. After that you see a bunch of teenagers symbolized by Iron Man suiting up. This expresses the stage in our lives when we have become dependent on technology in our everyday lives. By the time you are an adult you will realize that a lot of your life is run by the technology you use.


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