A Look into the Forgotten

When we hear the word “cemetery” we often relate that to the idea of death. In all cases, this is true unless one is being cremated. However, why has death become something negative? We spend all of this money to picking out the proper headstone for our loved ones graves, we visit multiple times a year with flowers and beautiful accents to remind them we are still here. This isn’t always the case; some that have gone on to pass are exactly that – the past, the forgotten. Families know they have passed and where they are located but simply do not care. We are often too busy with our own lives to take a step back and remind ourselves of what life was once like with our loved ones by our side. Cemeteries are a beautiful thing, especially around the holidays. Granted, I understand it is hard for many people to go visit their loved ones because the idea of death is something not everyone can handle or grasp. The question “why” always seems to appear. Speaking from experience, I feel one of the best ways to cope with that idea is to visit loved ones. This reminds us that they are still with us each and every day. We have not forgotten them as they will never forget us. Let us remember all of the good times and continue to share our love. Berger speaks about the idea of “value” in photographs and what the true meaning behind it can be. Anyone can go to a cemetery and take a photo of a headstone. But, the actual value in that is not the photograph, it is the visit. Walking to the designated plot area to find a beautiful stone picked out by family allowing all memories to arise once again. That is value. Do not forget the forgotten; spend time with them as though they were right by your side. Not everyone gets that privilege of fresh flowers on their grave or Christmas decorations around the holiday. Cherish those beautiful moments and cherish those who do not get those as well. Take a set of extra flowers to the cemetery – give them to someone who was forgotten. The photographs below are a view of the cemetery that most do not initially see when looking at a gravestone or just quickly visiting family and friends. Look into the perspective of the photo and determine if that loved one is someone of a forgotten state or someone truly cherished till this day. The value isn’t the photo – it’s the visit.

– Katie Finnegan


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