The Power of Edits

The photographs taken for this assignment were inspired by the photographs composed by Joseph Rodriguez for Where Children Sleep. Specifically, based on the portrait style of the photographs. These photos were also inspired by the photographs of Yves Marchand and Romain Mefre in The Ruins of Detroit, based on the stylistic changes made to the portraits. Social media has become a major part of the world today. People are posting photos constantly via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has become a bit of an obsession to post self-portraits commonly known as “selfies”. Instagram is an application designed for people to post photographs to the public with an added filter effect. These filters tend to enhance the images making them look drastically different and to some, better than the original. I have learned that two applications can drastically change a portrait for the better, and make them Instagram or internet worthy within seconds. These two applications are called Aviary and Perfect 365. Aviary is an application which holds many filters that are similar to Instagram, yet it has much more variety. This application also has a number of borders, overlays, and editing tools to help beautify an image. Perfect 365 is and app which allows you to adjust the physical aspects of a person. After uploading a portrait to Perfect 365, you are able to correct skin, apply makeup, and even apply hair and adjust aspects of the face. As an avid Instagram user, I love to apply skin changes to my photos and add additional filters to make them as beautiful as they can be. This photo essay will show several before and after photographs which will demonstrate how Aviary and Perfect 365 make dull photographs vibrant and gorgeous.


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