Beach Town Doesn’t Mean Only a Summer Town

All my life I have lived in Somers Point, NJ, a short five-minute drive over the bridge into Ocean City. Ocean city is a family-oriented resort that offers miles of protected beach and boardwalk, as well as countless dining options and downtown shopping. Although Ocean City’s biggest time of year is Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, locals, like me, enjoy taking advantage of this beautiful city all year long.

Ocean City has a population of about 11,000, but in the summertime you can expect that number to increase tremendously because of all the vacationers who are renting the duplexes and shore houses. My goal after I graduate from Rowan is to start renting in Ocean City during the off-season, and then I hope one day that I can live there permanently in a house of my own.

Many out-of-towners don’t realize that Ocean City has so much to offer even during the off-season. There are still many enjoyable things for people to do at that time of year, such as taking a walk on the beach or boardwalk if you’ve had a bad day or just want to get some exercise, going to eat or grab coffee at a cute little café, or going shopping and supporting local businesses. If people knew how much there is to do in Ocean City year round, then I think they would come here for a winter vacation, too, or even just a short weekend getaway. Just because Ocean City is a beach town doesn’t mean it is only a summer town; it offers so much year round. The following photos that I took are places that are alive and flourishing during the off-season that many people don’t realize are open for business, as well as some scenery that shows the true beauty of Ocean City.


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