Mike Sullivan- Molded For Consumerism – Final Photo Essay

Who are you?

The number of things that list can go on indefinitely. But what if you weren’t allowed to speak for yourself but another had to look at you and decide. Would the designer brands and the things that are in your house say the same thing that you would?

That is the delicate line we straddle as consumers- what does our purchases say about us- and more importantly, how far off is it. The American consumption of world goods is second to none and it grows exponentially by the year.

We, as a nation, flock to the newest technology and cutting edge trends. Before these items have even lost their luster we have moved to the next item. Its a cycle of consumerism that has the people stuck in things they “want” and not “need”

We are forever being conditioned by exterior forces to do what we do. Our patterns of purchasing show how quickly we see validity in throwing out the old and bringing in the new. We look at the conglomerates that have blossomed under our purchases (apple products, multimedia, high end cars etc) and wonder how we have gotten here.

We are merely the business titan’s play toys as they move us into the direction of giving our money freely

Lastly, these titans of business, how have they gotten so big? It couldn’t be with the help of their government…

Could it?



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