Eric Bates: Last Day


When a person is depressed, they often find almost no delight in the day.  It is spent looking down at whatever lies in front of them, seeing nothing good, nothing of desire.  When asked to find a topic to analyze, suicide was not my first, second, or even third choice due to the fact that it is hard to demonstrate a person’s depression without seeming overly cliché. Over the span of days, I thought on this topic and how I might reflect it, constantly trying to look into my own life to find some inspiration. It occurred to me to display a “Day in the Life” scenario, as I went through my own day. The people I know, the house I live in, the necessities I take for granted; all positively affected my day. This led me to look at a day in the life of someone who didn’t care about those things. A day alone, looking at the world dark and dismal only craving to stop, for everything to just stop. It was at that time that I realized, why would I try so hard to keep living that life? To some, the way out is so simple and seems like the perfect solution to their problem- to their life. With over 40,000 suicides a year, this mentality is not an uncommon one and people continue to look at this from their own perspective.

“How could they do that to their family?”

“Why didn’t they just try being a little more positive?”

“I don’t understand how someone could just end their own life like that.”

That last statement truly summarizes the mentality of the general public. But people with depression don’t see the end in suicide, they see a shining hope. And in that moment they will finally be free from it all.


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