A Litter Way to Save the Planet

Everyday driving from place to place we are all surrounded by a disgusting awful sight that most do not even notice; the litter and trash that is carelessly tossed onto the ground. It is the ugly truth that the whole world faces every second. We are destroying our own home, our planet. With every piece of trash that we toss out of sight and out of mind and leave it on the ground to soak into our very existence, we are killing the Earth and our own future. This problem is not confined to the sides of our roads but to our whole planet including our water systems. With every year this problem gets worse as the younger generations care less than their parents before them and they become more careless about the life of the planet. There is no one that goes around every day to clean up the trash that is left on the ground by those who do not care about the life of their home. Most people will just ignore the litter that they see, or join to the pile. While no one takes a stand to help to the effort of cleaning up that litter and making the world a cleaner place for the future generations. If every person is more careful about tossing their trash on the ground we would have a much cleaner planet. The next time that you are driving along the road take a glance towards the side of the road and take in the amount of litter that covers the ground, and remember part of that is because of you. The following photographs are taken in the South Jersey area around Sicklerville, Williamstown and Franklinville.





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