Seeing Something Anew

In every society around the world, there is one act that is always viewed as a blessed miracle; pregnancy. It is something that most people view as a miraculous event, and should be treated as such. The body is a temple, and when a woman is pregnant she becomes a “sacred vessel”. But I wanted to take this project as an opportunity to show people that not everyone views it that way, and that while most give up their old ways and life, not everyone else is willing to. I wanted to exemplify that pregnancy can be ugly and made so by those experiencing it. I also wanted to show that there are women who are so happy and can give up every thing they need to in order to have a happy and healthy baby.

For this project, I asked two of my pregnant friends to pose for me doing different things. My one friend, who until her pregnancy was a smoker and big time drinker, posed for me doing those things (no, she does not still do those things as she is pregnant). I asked her to pose for me smoking and taking shots because she has mentioned that while she is happy to be having a baby, she misses those aspects of her life. For her pictures, I want her to dress in all black and smoking by a dumpster and drinking in a bar. I think doing this will show that she isnt willing to change anything about her life for her baby. I then asked my other good friend to pose for me as well. However, while I am going to take pictures of her drinking and doing some drugs, I am more interested in showing both sides of the equation, a happy woman who loves being pregnant and has no issue with giving up the life she lead before getting pregnant. I would like to take some pictures of her rubbing her belly and shopping for baby clothes, smiling and laughing.

For my photos, I would like to take all pictures of my friends doing the “wrong” things during their pregnancies in black and white, or a noir setting. I want to show how dark pregnancy can be and how the activities they’re doung during their pregnancy are dark. For any happy pictures, where they may be touching their bellies and smiling, I would like to use no filter or a lighter filter, something that will brighten the pictures as much as possible. I would like to give these specific pictures an almost fairytale feel, show the audience how happy their lives are now that they are pregnant.

I will be using my iPhone to take these pictures, because I will be able to manipulate the pictures accordingly, and have so many different options regarding filters and will be able to edit them all differently.

I am excited to work on this project, simply because I feel like I am in a way expressing some of my own feelings on pregnancy.


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