Child Abduction and Trafficking Mashup


Reflection 1:

This was single handedly the most frustrating assignment of my entire college career, and not because of the assignment itself but the medium that was used. Perhaps with professional editing software this would not have been so painstaking and I would have had a better experience. Trying to get a message across to an audience without writing is still very difficult for me, but this course has taught me a lot about the different mediums for communication and I appreciate that. In a world that is so technology centered it is important to be literate with everything, after completing this assignment I feel better prepared to be a writer of the future. It was incredibly frustrating to complete this assignment when the trial period ran out on Vegas Pro and I could not get another application to download, then when I thought I would be okay my entire laptop crashed. The process of relying on technology to complete an assignment was awful, I didnt have much difficulty with software editing when I could use it, but that was the irony of it all. I would chose traditional writing over digital video any day of the week because there are so many variables involved when you rely on another medium, today we use technology often but because it is newer it costs more to fix or replace and it takes too much time to actually get working. If this had been an essay and my laptop had crashed I could have just gone and used the libraries, but because it required me using another program I had no choice but to wait. Had this been a traditional essay, I could have used a pen and if that pen stopped working I could have used another one and so on. Digital media will be popular, that much I know and for that I am grateful to have had the experience, but I do not want a job where I have to rely so heavily on technology to pay the bills.


Reflection 2:

When you are working on conveying a message everything that you do is strategic and intended, with that being said every cut and edit was very strategic. My mash up focused on child abduction and trafficking, I wanted to portray the life of an abductee, the loneliness, the despair, the sadness that they are feeling as they are being sold and traded and used, as their lives are being destroyed. Getting that message across within 4 minutes of videos to a soundtrack that had little to do with the subject was difficult but it was not impossible. Sean Hall talks about how adults need things explained to them and have poor insight, I think this is pretty accurate especially today because everybody takes everything so literally (see the 9258034829047290 tweets about girls who literally have to have or do something). As I was creating this mash up I thought first about what my topic was, and then spent some time looking through videos for representations of that topic. Throughout my mash up you can see that I repeatedly used a clip of a bloody tennis shoe floating down a river, this clip was taking from a video about Molestation and in the original video you clearly know whose shoe it is and what happened to them but I used this clip to create intertexuality. This shoe when shown next to a girl who is tied up or chained does not have much effect, you can figure out what happened, the greater affect happens when I use this shoe next to a girl who is being approached by an older male because you are forced to draw your own conclusions and figure out what happened between those two scenes. This bloody shoe is a representation of these girls who have been kidnapped and abducted and eventually are forgotten,and a metaphor for their lives. If you passed a shoe on the side of the road you wouldnt think about it. Just as the young girls standing in the middle of a train station ignored by everyone surrounding them.


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