The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

For my photo essay I will be focusing on the beauty and love in every day activities.  I was my viewers to realize that doing meaningless every day activities with the ones you love can mean a whole lot more that you would think.  Spending this time with loved ones doing random errands or just hanging out at home, these are time times you need to take a step back and realize how much love is happening at that minute.

The subjects I could focus on would probably be mainly my boyfriend.  Other options for subjects could be my friends, or my family.  These subjects will help make my point because they will show the importance of doing nothing with your loved ones.  They will show that you don’t have to constantly tell each other you love them, but the love shines through in the little things.  For example: grocery shopping, filling up the air in your tires, laying on the couch watching tv, or doing laundry together.

The feel of the image I would like to portray is simple.  I don’t want to take away too much from what is going on in the actual image.  I was thinking about doing back and white but I don’t want my images to seem plain.  I want they to portray the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The filter I have found that I liked the most is this slightly faded look.  It really enhances the subject in the photo especially when you focus in on them.  This filter will help portray the point of my photo essay because it really focuses on the subject and sort of blurs the area around giving you the feel that the subject is the focus but what is going on around the subject is almost equally important.

The technology I will be using will be my iPhone.  I will be using the photo app that comes with the phone and I will be using the  filter “Instant” that comes with the iPhones photo editing feature.  I have tried multiple filters on the iPhone photo feature and in other apps but I have found that I like this filter the most.  Using the iPhone symbolizes that these pictures and activities are not thought out or planned.  They simply show that they are candid photos that are happening naturally in real life.  None of my pictures are planned and none of them are posed for.  They are simply in the purest form of love.  The photos are captured in the moment when I stop and look and realize how much love is happening in that exact moment.


2 thoughts on “The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

  1. Nothing is one of my favorite things to do with my loved ones, so I completely support your topic choice. Especially with a significant other, laying there and just talking can be so refreshing and stress relieving at the same time. Some of the most important things I’ve ever said to another person was over a bowl of cereal or while watching a boring movie. I appreciate the fact that I am not the only one who feels this way, and would definitely say you have a point when you say that people should cherish these moments. They are often the ones you will remember the most because there are no distractions, just you and a loved one/ones.


  2. I really like your idea here! Sometimes just laying around with your loved ones is awesome. There is a quote that says “time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time” this reminds me of your idea. 🙂


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