Man-made Destruction

The purpose of my photo essay is to show the world the hand that man plays in the destruction of our world, specifically our environment. I want to convey a message that is clear, that the construction that man does, the building that man believes in is actually destruction of our beautiful natural world. We as humans are responsible for disasters, we are responsible for the breaking down of the world around us.

For the subjects of my photo essay I am not sure if I would like to focus on actual construction sites or if I want to focus on cleared woods that are in the middle stages of construction. It would be ideal to use both in order to cover the stages of actual construction and be able to best compare woods to finished buildings and then show what is in between.

As far as the overall feel of the images is concerned, they will be dark but have color. I want to show that construction is actually destruction and that it is not a happy situation but one to fear and be concerned with. My goal is to make people understand that the destruction around us, and the destruction of the woods and natural habitats are depressing.

I will be using an IPhone 4s camera, and the Aviary Photo editor, perhaps I will use a filter to play with the colors to create the look of desolation and depression but I have not decided yet. I am choosing to use my Iphone camera because the technology that we walk around with everyday goes perfectly in hand with what we think we are building. We think that we are simplifying life, we think that we are changing for the better, however we are actually breaking down the world around us. I think it is ironic.


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