After a lot of thought, my photo essay will attempt to highlight the differences in students’ personal styles. I’ve always taken my individual style very seriously (probably too serious at times), because it’s an interesting way to express yourself and show some creativity. Here at college, I always hear people saying that they’ll just ‘bum it’ to class, and I’ve even overheard conversations about some students ‘dressing up’ for an 8 AM and how ridiculous it is. Are we supposed to not care about how we present ourselves? Does nobody have any pride anymore in being unique and owning their individuality? I want to show that personal style is a golden opportunity to reflect your personality, and also that the possibilities with this really are endless.

Subject-wise, I know that I am definitely going to use students here at Rowan. I was originally going to highlight only female personal style, but now I’m beginning to think that I should use male subjects as well. Men aren’t usually as into this topic as much as females, but they would add a fresh perspective. If I decide to use just female subjects, that would kind of generalize things a bit, but it also would give the assignment a stronger direction.

I want these images to contain a lot of color, because that will ensure that the style of my subjects’ is accurately portrayed. If I was to make the images black and white, that would take away from a huge part of their personal style. Color has to be matched and coordinated, so it’s extremely important to take note of that in the images. They won’t have any kind of old-time effects or any graininess on them. They will be both clear and accurate. This will compliment both my subjects and the point of the photo essay, because the images will show exactly what the subjects look like in real life. Any effect would take that away and change the entire point of the photo essay.

For this, I’m going to use my iPhone camera. I have a digital camera, but the reason why I want to use my iPhone is simple. This is literally going to just be about the person’s style and capturing it in a photo. There’s no need for anything fancy, there won’t be any tricks. This is simple, it’s straightforward. One snap and that’s it. With an iPhone camera, that’s all it is. I can just focus directly on my subject. This technology reflects my subject by both being straightforward and unique. While the iPhone is a complex piece of technology, it’s always been perceived as groundbreaking because of how different it is from other phones. This will help reflect how my subjects’ styles are different from other people.


One thought on “Style.

  1. Hi Hope,

    This is an interesting idea, but I do have some questions, the most notable being: how are you going to ask people who you don’t think have style? Are they going to be juxtaposed against those who do have “style”? What would it say to those students who are perceived as not having style? Based on your blog post about Where Children Sleep, you might consider what it would be like to perceive those lack of style folks….

    I was secretly hoping you might choose a subject related to your singing career, perhaps attempting to show what it is like for you to be on stage or composing music or playing instruments or capturing the audience, something along those lines. It seems such an important part of your life that this assignment could become something meaningful not only now but also in the future.

    With that in mind, I was also thinking about your father. That could lead to something incredibly personal but also life-affirming and significant for a very long time. It would be difficult, but that only means it is more important to consider.

    Let me know what you decide.

    And congrats on your iTunes single! Plus, your EP, which I didn’t know you had….



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