Lights out in AC

I have been thinking a lot about this photo essay and what my topic should be and what my subject should be.  Since I will be home for Thanksgiving break, I thought it would be a good idea to think about places near my hometown I could use as a subject.  I live in Margate, NJ, a small beach town located 5 minutes from the historic Atlantic City.  I thought it would be a great idea to use Atlantic City as my subject.

There is much news concerning Atlantic City and its fight to stay alive and thriving.  Through 12-15 pictures, I want to capture how Atlantic City is suffering, both the city itself and the people.  I think it is important to take these pictures so people are aware of how serious this is.  Atlantic City is an historic place that holds jobs and memories for thousands of people.  Atlantic City should be nurtured and fought for to stay a live and thriving but sometimes it feels like it is not.

I will be using my iPhone 6 with various filters and applications for these pictures.  I want to give my pictures a dark vibe so the pictures look dramatic.  I also think that using a dark colored filter will highlight how the city is suffering.  I want my tone to be, not somber, but serious.  Although I want my pictures to have a dark vibe, I want some of the colors in the pictures to be deep and rich.


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