Photo Essay Proposal – The Forgotten

I want to start off by saying – I hope I do not offend anyone in any way by doing this or freak anyone out, I am not crazy I swear.

For my photo essay, I want to focus on the cemetery setting. Cemeteries are seen as morbid and forbidden in a sense that people only visit them to see past relatives that left us too soon. But, if you take the time to look around a cemetery, you would be amazed at the stories being told through minimal objects like flowers and holiday decorations and quote choices.

This hits close to home for me, extremely close but it is something I am comfortable with doing. I want to contrast the effect of those left with no one, plain grave sites just left there because there is no where else for them to go. Where as, the other side shows the beauty behind a grave site covered in fresh roses and Christmas decorations. This shows the idea behind “gone but not forgotten – or gone and forgotten.”


There are many different composition styles I am sure to find throughout the cemetery, especially lines and patterns being as most are set up a particular way. Some of the most historic sites we often visit are graves or cemeteries based off of their history and stories.

I am excited to take on this weird idea and run with it. I hope you all will see the beauty behind it when my photo essay is finished. This is something that hits close to home for myself as I go visit my relatives once a week. And again, I am sorry if I offend anyone or creep anyone out with this project.


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