Photo Essay Proposal – Technology Influences

In thinking of a subject for my photo essay assignment, I stumbled upon several different ideas. In a society that seems to be evolving around social media and pictures, I had a variety of ideas pondering in my head. As a result of this course and just life in general, I decided to choose the topic of technology. Of course, there are numerous opinions and spectrums that evolve around technology as a subject. There is no question that technology has taken over our culture and is becoming a form of communication more than ever. Just as you read this blog post, you are using technology. It seems as if people cannot function unless they depend on technology. The use of images and photos seem to be a good depiction of this. For my photo essay, I’ll be focusing on the effects and dependencies that technology has on our society and the masking image it portrays. Because technology is such a vast subject, I’ll be focusing on the negative and positive aspects of it. It is no surprise that people often look at technology as negative at times. In reality, technology is often used for many beneficial aspects also. Therefore, I’ll also be putting a positive light on technology and capturing its most useful moments.

I’ll be using a variety of subjects to get my point across throughout this photo essay assignment. Some subjects include, still images of devices such as cell phones, laptops, technology corporations and medical devices. Although most of my photos are going to have objects in them, I’ll also be incorporating people in some photos. In doing this, I hope to give a more clear understanding of the message behind the photo.

For the overall feel of my images, I’d like to focus in solely on the main object. That is, the technological device or the person using it. For most of the photos, I’ll be using color. Although, I do think reducing the saturation and color in some photos could really add to the dimension and overall effect. Depending on the ‘theme’ of the photo and its overall message, i’ll be editing accordingly. I see some of my photos also having a blur effect. In doing this, I hope to capture the image and the rest is just a background. I also plan on making my photos look as modern as possible. Since technology isn’t really in the category of vintage or “old-time looking”, I’ll be limited those looks in my photos.

The technology I’ll be using in my photo essay are my iPhone 5s, my Macbook Pro and a Cannon D3 camera. I’ll also be using a variety of editing apps. Some apps I’ll be using to edit and enhance my photos are Instagram, Photoshop and Afterlight.



One thought on “Photo Essay Proposal – Technology Influences

  1. Hi Gianna,

    Thanks for sharing your idea, though I wonder if you might think of another topic, one that is less discussed and talked about today. We hear from so many people that folks are so dependent on their phones and tablets and while that may be true we also see photos of it all the time.

    I’d like to challenge you to take on a topic and subject that you might not ordinarily do, something that takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, that, as the first comic we looked at as a class, Bloom Like an Artist, takes you out of the so-called box so you can see things in new ways.

    Email me 3 – 5 new ideas and we can go from there.



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