Kelci Flynn’s Photo Essay

For my photo essay I want to explore the effect that technology is having on people today.  No matter where I am: at home with family, a bar with friends, church, sporting event, out to dinner or walking around campus there is something that follows me around everywhere.  Cell phones.  No matter where I am people are obsessed with their phones.  Checking social media, taking selfies, texting, and making phone calls are our new normal and has become socially acceptable.  You can watch an entire family out to dinner all looking down at their cell phones, completely disengaged with each other.  Although many teens and twenty-somethings are very guilty of this I do not think subjects will be limited to only the young.  I have seen examples, even in my own family that technology has taken over the lives of the generations older than us also.

I want my subjects to be the people who are distracted with their cell phones.  In my photographs I would like the main focus to be on the people, instead of the actual technology.  I will capture these photos in many different social settings.  I do not have any very specific places that I want to go to to photograph, but would rather just take the pictures as I come across them in my everyday life.  My photographs will show that in every scene people are missing out having amazing experiences because they are too busy trying to capture that moment, or document it through social media.  Instead of enjoying the company around them, they are lost int their phones.  We live in an age where capturing the moment is more important than the moment itself.  Through the photographs that I take I want to expose the fact that this technology is taking away from face to face verbal communication.

I want my images to be in color so that they are vivid and capture the viewer’s attention.  I will aim for them to have a sort of bright and futuristic look to them being as how the essay is based on technology.  I would like to be able to use an app to give these images a blurred effect to show that while society is caught up on their phones, life is “flashing” right before the eyes.  Even if I have to do this through manipulating the camera, I want the picture to look like it is somewhat in motion.  I cannot think of a better to show what effect phones are having on us then to use my iphone 5 to capture these photos!


One thought on “Kelci Flynn’s Photo Essay

  1. Hi Kelci,

    Thanks for sharing your idea, though I wonder if you might think of another topic, one that is less discussed and talked about today. We hear from so many people that folks are distracted by their phone and tablets and while that may be true we also see photos of it all the time.

    I’d like to challenge you to take on a topic and subject that you might not ordinarily do, something that takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, that, as the first comic we looked at as a class, Bloom Like an Artist, takes you out of the so-called box so you can see things in new ways.

    Email me 3 – 5 new ideas and we can go from there.



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