Eric Bates Photo Proposal

In my photo essay I will be trying to demonstrate the perspective of a modern young adult vs. the many subjects they take pictures of during an average day. How these subjects have been captured by their camera, but these people are standing there taking pictures as the world moves and occurs around them. While I do not think the frequency of taking pictures is necessarily a bad thing, I wish to shed light on the fact that concentrating on pictures themselves instead of the subject of the photo can lead to a person letting life pass them by.

Sunsets, animals, trees, and other everyday subjects are possible for this project. The photo will first be of the subject with filters and other adjustments, and the photographer will then be the subject of the second photo, standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk, or ignoring their friends.

The images produced should demonstrate the pretentious nature with which people produce images as if they are works of art, when in actuality they spent five minutes taking a picture and adding a photo. The picture of the photographer will then demonstrate the view from the subject. If it’s of a sunset, the person may be squinting into the light and be over exposed. If it were from the perspective of a pet the person may be seen differently depending on the type of animal (“slits” for a snake, black and white for a dog, or blurry for a hedgehog). This effect will show that while the person is trying to change and distort an image, the subject sees the photographer for how they truly look to them in that moment.

A regular smart phone will be used for the perspective of the photographer, just as this person would be using normally in this circumstance. Filters and quotes will be used accordingly to give the photo an “instagram”- feel. For the photograph from the perspective of the subject, many things will need to be done to make it more like their perspective. For example, through a hedgehogs eyes, everything is much more blurry so some type of plastic bag will be used to create a blur effect while the perspective of a sunset would need to be high up and have a huge amount of light coming from it. This could be done from a tree and and with a light above the camera.


One thought on “Eric Bates Photo Proposal

  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing your idea, though I wonder if you might think of another topic, one that is less discussed and talked about today. We hear from so many people that folks are distracted by their phone and tablets and while that may be true we also see photos of it all the time.

    I’d like to challenge you to take on a topic and subject that you might not ordinarily do, something that takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, that, as the first comic we looked at as a class, Bloom Like an Artist, takes you out of the so-called box so you can see things in new ways.

    Email me 3 – 5 new ideas and we can go from there.



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