Black Thursday

I will be doing my photo essay on Black Thursday. I want to show in my pictures how wrong it is for people to be shopping on Thanksgiving instead of spending time with their families. I believe that every store should be closed on Thanksgiving because it is a holiday where people should spend some quality time with their families. Since, in today’s world, people have little time to spend with family anymore so holidays like Thanksgiving are needed to reconnect with the people who love them. It makes no sense why people cannot wait for black Friday to shop. There is nothing that is that important to buy that they have to miss time with their family.

There are a few subjects I will be showing in my pictures. One would be people shopping in different stores. I want to show the rush and craziness of shopping on black Thursday. Another would be pictures of how many cars are in the parking lot of the mall. I want to show just how many people are ditching spending time with there family and shop instead. I also want to get pictures of people waiting in crazy lines to buy different items to show how ridiculous it is that people are waiting in lines for almost an hour just for one a select of items.

The overall “feel” I would like to show is disgust. It should disgust people how there are so many people who feel like buying items is more important then spending time with their families. It should bother everyone how these people are forcing stores to be open and employees to miss their thanksgiving with their families to work. It should also give a saddening feeling that people have to miss thanksgiving since there are so many people willing to shop on thanksgiving. If no one shopped on Thanksgiving then no store would be open. Since the stores would only be loosing money instead of gaining it.

I will be using my camera to take the pictures because my camera is known to take blurry pictures. The blurriness will be used give an effect to make things seem weird and messed up. I might also take the pictures in black and white to give it a contrasting feeling. It will make the picture stand out more then if it was in color. Black and white can give a creepier feeling. Some of the pictures will be taken at different angles to show how wrong it is that people are shopping on thanksgiving. All of these aspects will be used to give that message that Thanksgiving is a day that is supposed to be shared with their family, not in a store.


One thought on “Black Thursday

  1. Hi Jenna,

    Thanks for posting your proposal, though I would like to request you come up with another topic. While I share with you the disgust over Black Thursday and Friday, in order to complete this kind of project you will need permission from the business(es) you’re photographing at as well as any of the customers you hope to capture. Plus, because this is a one-off event, there will be no way to go back and re-photograph after we do our in-class photo appraisals.

    Please email me with 3 – 5 possible new topics and we’ll go from there.



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