Back Before Everything Became Automatic

The main point that I want my photo essay to make is that everything is automatic. Humans get everything handed to them via technology and rarely have to pick up more than a finger in order to complete most tasks. I want to show that hard work is not as hard anymore, via these 12-15 images.

In order to capture the sense of laziness, I was thinking of a couple of subjects. I was going to use products that have to deal with cooking, working, or technology such as a cellphone. If I chose cooking, I would include new technology in the cooking field such as a blender, or microwaves. If I chose working, I would include new types of saws or sewing machines and compare them to what types of machines were in the past. In the next option, I would show scribes, and feather pens and now show cellphones, and computers. My next idea of a subject is that I can combine all of these together. I was thinking of also incorporating James Mollison’s idea in Where Children Sleep. For example, I show a technology and then on the opposite side show the time period in which that person was raised, Which I think plays a huge role on which technologies we decide to use. For example, as my dad grew up in the 60’s, he refuses to use technology at all costs. One idea that I have in mind is taking a picture with a older person holding a shovel on a field in land, compared with the new technologies seen in landscaping & farming.

If I chose to do the subject of automaticity and compare it with the time, I feel as if I would chose color for the present and black and white. This decision was made simply based off the fact that it really shows the difference between the two time periods, the change in time and in culture. Black and white photos always look older than one in color. It also shows their lack of advancement of technology. I want the overall felling of my photo essay to be bittersweet. This is because I think it is a good thing sometimes, but bittersweet that the old way to do things has simply been lost.

I feel that if I were to use my iPhone camera for the project, it might be ironic. Instead of putting a black and white filter on my iPhone, I feel that it would make the best sense to use a disposable or a Polaroid camera if I could find one. I would use an iPhone for the way that we use technologies now, and use an older camera to show the times where they used less advances technologies.


2 thoughts on “Back Before Everything Became Automatic

  1. Hi Brittany,

    This is a very interesting topic. It would be very cool if you were somehow able to juxtapose the “automatic” technology with it’s manual counterpart. Not sure how you would be able to do that or gain access to everything you’d need, but it would be fun seeing the old and the new. Or, even, those who are used to using the new to be seen using the old….

    Not saying this needs to be done; it just popped in my head as I was reading your proposal.

    Good luck with it!


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