Photo Essay Proposal

The point of my photo essay is to show people how much Ocean City, NJ, truly has to offer, even during the off-season. Many people hear “Ocean City” and automatically think summer time, but there is so much more to this place than just the things it offers during summer. For us locals, we find comfort there during the wintertime because we know how many other great things are available to us when the “Shoobies” aren’t in town and taking over.

I have already begun taking photos so I can get an overall feel of how they will all look when placed together in my photo essay. So far, I have photos of the boardwalk, showing lines and symmetry, the sand, showing different textures, the ocean, showing depth, the Christmas wreaths hanging in the middle of the street with buildings on both sides, showing framing, and the entrance to the beach through the sand dunes, showing framing, and the Ocean City water tower, showing precision. I also took some pictures of stores and restaurants, but I want to re-take some so that they fit a certain photography component. These are just some ideas I have thought about and snapped photos of so far.

It took me a while to decide how I want the images to “feel.” At first, I thought I would add a filter to all of them that make them look like the olden days. As we are all aware, the Jersey Shore has been around for quite some time, so I thought it would be cool to take current pictures of what it looks like, but add a filter to it that makes it look like it’s from in the past. After thinking about it, I changed my mind. I am almost positive that I am going to make all of the images look highly saturated. Ocean City deserves to look the best that it can because it truly is an amazing place, which is why I think having crystal clear and bright images is the way to go.

The technology I will use to record the images is my iPhone 6. This camera has so many great qualities that will only increase the excellence of my pictures, including: auto focus, true tone flash, auto image stabilization, panorama, burst mode, and timer mode. I will most likely use Instagram to add the filter that I want, which will most likely be X-Pro II. This filter always makes my images “pop,” and gives them the bright lift that they need. I believe that taking these photos with my iPhone 6 is the best bet for me because of how I want them to look when I am finished with them.


One thought on “Photo Essay Proposal

  1. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for posting your proposal. While I fully understand the draw of the topic you’ve chosen, and I’m glad you’ve started experimenting with the subject, I wonder if you might think of another topic, one that challenges you to take on a topic and subject that you might not ordinarily do, something that takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, that, as the first comic we looked at as a class, Bloom Like an Artist, takes you out of the so-called box so you can see things in new ways.

    It is, of course, up to you, but I’d like you to consider it, at least.

    Email me 3 – 5 new ideas and we can go from there.



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