Incapsulated – Photo Essay Proposal

For my photo essay, I plan to take everyone back in time by taking pictures of my hometown. I’ve lived in Pittsgrove, New Jersey since I was born, same house and all. It is a very small area where everyone knows each other for the most part. Much of Pittsgrove is covered in farmland and the rest with forests. I plan to capture the essence of the area and how the neighboring town, Elmer, is truly a time capsule. In contrast, much of the little “mom and pop” stores are also being abandoned due to lack of need in the area.

Many people only get to see Route 40 during the summer when making their way to the Jersey Shore. They see the two gas stations, a couple of banks, and the several pizza places. I’m planning on capturing the buildings and houses deeper within the town that help to make it unique. I want to draw focus to the things that the people in town find most important. A few examples include the little league baseball fields, the Methodist Church, the tire store, and Anderson’s Country Store. I also plan on contrasting the old with the new by capturing images of abandoned buildings and businesses. For those I may use the old furniture store, the rundown Nick’s Pizzeria, and the abandoned Ford dealer.

Since my photo essay will have a “going back in time” theme, I plan on showing that through different editing techniques. Most of my photos will probably have black and white or sepia filters applied to them to apply an older look. This will help me reinforce my contrasting idea too. The abandoned and rundown places will look as though they deserve to be in black and white while the very popular places will be captured to give it an older feel. It will help me show the progression of a small town. I also plan on using a lot of photography techniques. The use of line, depth, and the rule of thirds are three techniques I am sure I will utilize.

For my project, I plan on using my iPhone 5 to capture my photos. This camera, paired with certain editing applications, is very beneficial for me. I will be able to capture crystal clear images and even full sceneries with the use of the panorama function. I have a couple of editing applications already on my iPhone, but I plan on downloading more if I have trouble getting the desired look and feel. Using my iPhone 5 is best for me because it will all be right in my hand, everything from the camera to editing, and it is easy for me to use and upload or print photos.


One thought on “Incapsulated – Photo Essay Proposal

  1. Excellent idea, Randi.

    You might want to be sure you have permission from whomever lives in or works in or owns the structure you’re photography, just out of courtesy. You might even be able to photograph the person and create a layout like Where Children Sleep. Just an idea….

    Also, it might be a good idea to have someone with you when photographing; people sometimes react the wrong way nowadays when they see someone taking photos of buildings.

    So, be safe and have fun!



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