Photo Essay Proposal – The Illusions Made By Filters and Apps

After looking through previously submitted Photo Essay Assignments, I had come across one that sparked my interests. The Photo Essay, Makeup and Confidence by Meghan O’donnell was a very interesting approach to this assignment. For my Photo Essay Assignment, I want to do something similar, but more focused on the usage of photography apps. Lots of people today use their iPhone cameras to take “selfies”. Photography applications allow people to enhance their photos in ways that are just unimaginable. From the altering of your face and skin, to smooth filters which allow you to make yourself look absolutely remarkable. Photo applications such as Perfect 365 and Aviary allow you to perform such tasks in a simple, professional, and free way.

The subjects I will be using In my Photo Essay Assignment will mostly consist of my friends and family. Any person could very well be used in this assignment to help me display my purpose however, I have one friend in particular who I know refuses to post a photo online until it is completely edited in every way possible. Using my friends with this mindset will help me prove how many photo editing applications create illusions of a person’s true appearance. I hope to use a few people who I am not familiar with, just to help me get creative in enhancing different appearances.

After looking over Meghan O’donnell’s photo essay mentioned prior, it is clear to see that she had taken photos of people before and after they had applied makeup. My photos will be be taken of people before and after I edited them. The original photo will be to the left, while the photo of the right will be a completely enhanced duplicate. I see the original images being very plain and basic, while the duplicates will be much different. I intend for the duplicates to be altered in many different ways from the faces to the filters, I intend for the duplicates to be a drastic change from the original.

My iPhone 5 will be used to take the images. This is because the applications I will be using can be downloaded onto my iPhone. These apps will be Perfect 365, Aviary, Hipstamatic, and Instagram. I also feel that my iPhone camera will be perfect for my assignment because not only can I use these applications to change the images, but my camera is very good quality when the case is removed, and I believe it will work up to it’s full potential for this assignment. I use my iPhone to do this concept regularly, so I know it will work in my advantage.


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