Similar but Different Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. There is so much to ask about one picture. Why did this person take this picture? What was the purpose of the picture? Was there a reason behind making this picture black and white? Is there a hidden message behind this picture? All of these questions would sum up just what the photographer was thinking when taking it. Or they just thought, oh look a pretty tree, let me take a picture of it for no reason.

Here is a picture I picked out to write about. I loved this picture for a few reasons. One because I love the fact that the picture is in black and white. It gives it a completely different tone then it would if the picture was in color. Two, it is a building that all of us students can relate to seeing every day on campus. I must have past by this building a hundred times already and never really looked at it.The emptiness of the streets around it makes it seem abandoned or spooky. It makes me wonder when this picture was taken because there is typically a bunch of students walking by, especially with all of the soon to be freshman invading all of the building on their tour of the campus. To expand on the tone of the picture, the black and white of the picture gives it a dark feeling. Around this time in every semester, all students get that feeling of dread to go to school. It’s to cold out and only three weeks left of school and any student can feel that dreading feeling when they see this building, I sure know I do. I don’t want to get out of bed because my brain has already shut down for the semester. The black and white effect also gives it this spooky feeling like the building is haunted. I believe it is haunted, just not with ghosts. It is haunted with zombified students who are rooming the halls downing coffee to try and stay awake. I also take part in this zombified feeling. Especially when Christmas music is playing everywhere and when I think of Christmas I think of no school! Is is December yet? Anyway, so the emptiness of the building is really interesting. It makes it seem like no one goes to this building like it is abandoned. Though it probably was filled with students inside in class, it gives a different feeling. It almost gets my hopes up that the semester is almost done and campus will be a ghost town, literally!  

Here is another picture that I picked out to talk about. It goes along perfectly with my first picture. Though it is not a picture that was actually taken by someone, but it is still considered a picture. I love this picture because it is something that all college students learn oh so well in their freshman year of college. College sucks! I regret not living it up in high school because I did not have the bills and responsibility that I do now that I am in college. I have no time for myself or to hangout with friends. It is as if your needs and wants go on the back burn once you hit college. The sad thing is that college haunts you for years after because the debt that we rank up in four years of college will follow us till we die…

I also love that this picture is so relatable. Every college student can relate to this feeling. It is a picture that any student can look at and laugh at how they can relate to it, especially around the time of finals. Stress consumes you at the end of the semester no matter if your are an extremely smart student, the stress will haunt you till that last paper or test is done. Oh the feeling is like a giant weight is lifted off of you.

To go back to the picture, I love that is is not just a snap shot of someone. It is a cartoon which gives it a more funny and relatable vibe. I don’t know what it is about cartoons that make a picture more interesting but I guess it is just more appealing since we all see selfies every day that a cartoon is nice to see once and a while. I mean I can only look at every angle of someone’s face for so long. Anyway, both pictures are different from each other but somehow have a similar vibe and subject to them yet are so different at the same time.


13 thoughts on “Similar but Different Pictures

  1. The entire month of finals is the WORST. The End.
    Lol but really, it’s interesting that multiple people have been tweeting completely different pictures, yet they still might have a similar theme. I agree that most people are having semi if not full-blown mental breakdowns at this point in the semester, I included (if you couldn’t tell by my tweet). I found your take on the black and white photo really interesting though, it just shows the different perspectives we can all really have!


  2. I agree with a lot of the points Brittany made. But I like that we automatically associate black and white photos with a somber tone. The actual photo Christine took was in the middle of the day when the sun was shining and you could see Rowan draped in its finest fall colors.
    Winter and dread go hand in hand along with semester’s end and stress. I like that these pictures convey that vibe without actually showing that it winter is approaching or that it is the end of the semester.
    The interpretation is spot on what we’re feeling and the photo captures that.


  3. I agree with both comments above. Seeing all of the tweets and photos being taken around campus made me realize that even though we are all essentially sharing the same space, the photos become so different. They all carry a similar theme due to the location but it opened my eyes to what is actually on campus. I now look at that Rowan University banner every time I walk past it and think of some of the pictures I have seen. The idea of black and white regardless of the content of the photo conveys some sort of meaning. Black and white often seen as old or back in the day to most of us means dull or dreary, and somber. It is interesting to see the different interpretations we all come up with and how one photo on campus can convey so many different meanings when we actually step back and look at it. What if this photo was in color, would our views be different?


  4. Agreed. College is stressful. It sucks. But in the end, it will be so worth it! I’m glad you found a use to the picture that I took for WRT, and I think it definitely goes hand in hand with the other image you uploaded. Because they are both about college/ show a college. I also like the juxtaposition; the colors; and the fact that one is real, and one is from a cartoon.


  5. I like that you chose these two pictures to critique. I definitely think we are all relating to the feeling that you think the first picture has. The end of the semester is slowly but surely coming, but we all still dread walking up to the buildings we have to go to almost every day. The effect that Christine used on the picture was effective in creating the feeling of darkness and dread. Using black and white is useful because it is like going to class every day is draining the life and color out of us students.


  6. Jenna, I really liked this post. I think you made some valuable points in describing different pictures and their meaning. There are so many different varieties of pictures. Each one has a meaning, some more clearer than others. In picture one, the coloring plays a big role in the overall meaning behind the photo. Because it is dark and almost lifeless, it represents the emotion that some students feel every day coming to class. Of course, this is my take on it. The beauty in photography is that everyone looks at a picture differently.


  7. I enjoy the second part of your post especially because it can seem so different than the first, but the idea behind posting it is the same. College does suck, and for quite a few reasons, and the fact that a cartoon was used truly does give the image more reliability. If it was simply an image of someone from class saying that, it may not have had the same effect as that of a cartoon. You did an excellent job of analyzing why that is and I applaud this analysis.


  8. I completely agree and love that you chose these two photos together. Almost every college student can relate and say that the month during finals is absolutely horrible. In the days before and during finals it seems almost like a kid on Christmas. We are just waiting to get away from the halls that we roam everyday.
    I found it interesting that I too walk past that Rowan University sign on a daily basis however, I have never seen it from this angel. It is also very rare that you see no one else around while this photo was taken, which makes me think it must have been taken fairly early in the day.
    Overall I truly enjoy how you linked these two photos together in the feeling that they portray to us college students. They really show just a little clip of what we look forward to, even if it is something as simple as the quietness of an empty campus that is not currently holding classes.


  9. I also think that it was great for you to use these two photos as your examples. The black and white really did enhance the first photo to look a bit erie. The second photo taken by Brittany’s twitter was absolutely hilarious and relatable. Both ideas behind each photo is relatable for me. I too pass Wilson on a regular basis and have never taken the time to analyze it’s features. Your photo has definitely intrigued me to do so. Also, Brittany’s photo was especially relatable for me during this time into finals. Finals have been so stressful and I am tired of being here!!


  10. I agree with the point you made about how the black and white effect on the Rowan University picture gives it a very dismal tone. If the picture were to be in color, it would give off a totally different vibe. I don’t like how black and white effects completely turn the emotion of the picture around. For example, I’ve taken pictures in black and white of me and my friends smiling, but when I change it to color, the picture pops and goes along with the happy mood that’s in the picture. As for the second picture, I feel like that’s my life in a nutshell. It’s funny how a picture can be so relatable. With it being finals week and coming closer to graduating, I find myself saying that same thing.


  11. It is interesting how easy it is to create and alter the mood of a photograph. Sorry Christine, but I do not think your picture would ever make Rowan’s website. Rowan chooses pictures with warm colors to make the college seem welcoming, and fill their pictures with happy, smiling students. I feel like Christine’s picture is much more realistic though. With her angle and view she was able to show that College is not always packed with students. Sometimes Rowan is dead and desolate. By changing it to black and white the picture was also given a more dreary, creepy quality, showing the dread we are all feeling towards finals week. In all honesty, Christine’s picture is probably much more realistic than the posed ones Rowan uses to try and attract future college goers!


  12. Your analysis of the first photo is interesting. I never thought of seeing a Rowan building in black and white. However, your argument works. It makes the campus look dead, abandoned, and dreaded. When it is so close to the end, all of the students looked stressed, the amount of coffee on campus is dramatically seen, and the library is packed. I think that college is not for everybody and I wish that they gave us more time to decide ” what we want to be when we grow up” later on in our careers. With the statistics of students changing their majors being so high, they should have figured this out by now. I like how this picture was taken probably due to its convenience of being outside, but used elements of composition such as color, depth, and leading lines.


  13. The end of semester is always a time when you really want to re-think the entire college for me (okay, maybe not that extreme) but everyone in our class did have the same “over this semester” theme going on with their tweets and pictures.


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