Photo Essay Proposal – Atlantic City


In our upcoming photo essay I would like to focus on the two different perspectives of Atlantic City. Living so close by (15 minutes to be exact) I have seen firsthand, because of family and friends, the devastation that has occurred with the closing of the many casinos in the area. From an outsider’s perspective, more specifically tourists – they tend to not notice the impact of these issues; rather they comment “what a shame” and continue on with their shopping and gambling. While there is nothing particularly wrong with that, I would like to show the difference between a tourist’s point of view of Atlantic City versus someone who actually lives here. While tourists tend to only pay attention to the fun and wild parts of AC, they do not notice the desperation that lies in and around their favorite spots. In comparison to a tourist’s view is the view of the individuals actually living here and living close by, they are the ones seeing the deterioration of this city up close and first hand. Overall, I would like my photo essay to convey both perspectives of what was/can be a great city. I also would like the viewers to determine what perspective they tend to have.

For the majority of my essay I am planning on using a lot of landscape photos some that are generally pleasant to look at while others show urban decay. I would like to incorporate the people of Atlantic City, whether it is the people visiting for a night out, or the homeless man that constantly walks around Pacific Avenue. I would like to use techniques such as symmetry and pattern, viewpoints, and depth just to show the variety that exists in Atlantic City and how it is very possible for their to be different views on the city.

At the moment I am unsure of the type of filters I will use for this project. I am stuck between using black and white in high contrast in order to show the details of the buildings or using two separate sorts of filters. My concept of using two different filters would be to show the distinctly different views. In order to show the deterioration of AC I was thinking of doing gritty-like photos with low saturation, while the “fun” photos for the tourist’s views can be clear and high in saturation. The only reason I am hesitant, is because I don’t know if that will flow well once combined.

For this assignment I will use my cell phone, because majority of people own one, and I want to show how one common item (a phone) can show such oppositional views of a city. It is also very quick to pull a phone out and snap photos, which can represent the quick city-life and how fast things can change. I am unsure of specific apps to use, only because I know from my phone itself I can alter the simple things such as saturation and contrast.



2 thoughts on “Photo Essay Proposal – Atlantic City

  1. This is a fine idea, Brittany, though I do want you to be sure you are being safe when you go to wherever you plan on photographing. It would be best if someone was with you and please make sure someone knows exactly where you are going. As you know, there are parts of AC that are not the safest and one never knows who is squatting in abandoned places. So, please just be sure you are being safe.

    Good luck!


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