The Hurt Of The Haze Mashup By: Ashley DeBella-McNemer

Reflection One:

I have always enjoyed just writing with a pencil and paper. However, after taking Introduction to Writing Arts and Writing, Research, and Technology I am beginning to see a shift toward technology based communication. That being said when I first learned about this project I must admit I was terrified. I am not the type of person who works well with technology. In fact technology and I have a love hate relationship.

When I first downloaded the Vegas Pro software I was fascinated and somewhat intimidated by all of the different buttons, that sadly I still do not understand. I took my time looking up tutorials on how to edit out sound, crop, cut, download, and save videos. I found the most difficult one to learn how to do was insert a rolling credit line. It took some time and a lot of patience but once I got the hang of it I began to enjoy this project. As I worked I realized that I use many of the same methods in creating my mashup as I do my writing.

In writing I generally brainstorm an idea throughout an entire day before I begin my work. I will then take the time to go over my thoughts and then begin to write. I have found that at times I will start a paragraph in the middle of my story and then work my way back to the beginning. Although this may be unconventional I see my writing benefit from getting a fresh start in the middle of a piece. I also found the same to be true for my methods for working on my mashup. I would brainstorm throughout the day, thinking of clips I had seen on the news or social media and taking small notes about what I should look up when I returned home that night. I also caught myself multiple times starting in the middle of my mashup and work backwards. Although it wasn’t always easy getting my point across using pictures I feel it is just as, if not more effective.

Just as any other project the good comes with some of the bad. I noticed that I had some of the same struggles in my mashup as I do my writing. In my writing I struggle with knowing exactly what direction to go or if I am using the right words/setting to get me there. I found this to be true in my mashup. I struggled to with knowing if my viewers would understand the clips mashed together and understand the full concept of the mashup. However, just like in my writing once I grasp hold of an idea I roll with it. After draft two I knew exactly the direction I wanted to take my mashup which led me to the creating of my final piece.

Although I did truly enjoy this project I did not prepare for the amount of time is needed to create a three and a half-minute video. Where as in writing I simply write, edit, and revise. In creating this video I seemed to be consistently adding, cropping, editing, revising, and revising again. It tested me more than I think any other project has in a very long time, all the while me staying entertained and actually wanting to continue on. I must say overall I am very proud of my work and I would willingly attempt another mashup in the future.

Reflection Two:

The Hurt Of The Haze Mashup was created to bring light to the topic of hazing. Many know that hazing occurs in our day-to-day lives, however, we choose to sweep it under the rug in most cases and act like it does not exits.

I used many different strategies to create my mashup. I wanted you, the viewers, to see hazing can be shown in something as innocent as a child’s cartoon show. How it then can transform and effect our school systems. I also found it beneficial to add the older clips from the fifties and sixties because it shows us that this has been going on for long enough. Although the news coverage on this topic has been extensive over the past couple of years it has done little to solve this issue.

My overall strategy was for the viewer to understand the detrimental effects hazing has on people. From the person who is hazing to the victim of the crime. l I wanted the viewer to see how these situations have a domino effect. How actions such as this effect the victims of the hazing. I not only wanted you to see their pain and hurt, I wanted you to feel it.

I used montage to enhance the visual structure of my mashup because I felt it added more feeling. It shows you that one action, although quick, can be devastating. Also some of my short clips may make some pay closer attention to the issue at hand. For example I showed some clips that went as followed: hazer, hazer, victim, hazer. I want you to see the people who are causing the pain without forgetting who they are harming. I also did this by doing the following: victim, victim, hazer, victim. However, in this instance I wanted you to see and feel the pain and understand that they are regaining their strength and power over themselves but the hazer’s are still lurking in the shadows. Juxtaposition is also seen throughout this piece. In some cases there are clips of the hazers and their victims. The contrast between the enjoyment the hazer is having and the pain the victim is feeling is very obvious throughout the entire mashup.

I also used textual structure throughout my mashup. You should have noticed that throughout my mashup were victims with small note cards. On these note cards were the victims stories; their personal feelings. It gave a different point of view, one that can not always be understood by a video of them crying but one that tells their hardships in short bursts.

Everyone’s interpretation on this issue is different. If you are the hazer you may feel that you are entitled to commit these crimes, because you “earned it”. Where as there are those of us, like myself, who feel this is a tragedy that we can control. It is something that we have a say in and can stop. Overall this entire mashup is an interpretation on my views on hazing and the scars it leaves with the victims.

I hope you can understand the flow and story I was trying to tell with my mashup. If you notice in the beginning it shows more of the hurt and harmful side of the hazing. Where as about half way through the victims begin to find their voice and rise up against there hazers. In many of my clips I used intertextuality by changing the meaning of an original clip. Toward the end of my video I used a clip of a woman helping another woman stand up. Where in reality she is continuing to haze her. However, without watching the original clip you would not know that. Overall, I feel that this piece is very powerful, and will hopefully make others think twice before the commit such a horrible crime.


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