Pregnancy and Labor Video Mashup

Pregnancy and Labor Video Mashup

Reflection #1

I am going to be completely honest, this project was much more frustrating and harder then I thought. Not sure if it is due to my lack of technological skills or just uncreative skills that made this project hard. It was nice to know that I was not alone with my frustration. Keeping updated on twitter with everyone else’s frustrations and problems really helped me with my problems. I also realized that finding good videos were very hard. I had so many ideas of videos that I wanted to use in my project that I could not find. All of the wrong videos came up instead. Tried to reword what I was searching and it still did not work. It made the project that much harder. The editing part of the project was not to bad. My first draft of the project was just clips of pregnancy that shown different aspects of pregnancy. By my second draft, I had added some semiotics to go along with the video to make the video not literal. Cutting and cropping videos was pretty easy. Imovie shows how long the video clip is to help with the timing of the videos with the music. Picking out the perfect song was truly a struggle. Since I was unsure of the tone I wanted my video, it took four songs to find the right one. Many trial and errors between videos and songs, took several hours to get it to where it is now.

I never really understood how video mashups were related to writing. None of the videos had any physical writing in them so how could it be about writing? The message is what makes it a writing project. The videos are used to give the essential message that is not given away by words. My video was used to give off a feeling of pregnancy. This is something that could have easily been described through words but instead is shown through videos. It is harder to find a message when using videos but still able to be figured out after being watched a few times. I did love the outcome of my video though. It took great lots of drafts and redoing to get it where I needed it to be. Of course a big help was the conference with Professor Wolff. He gave me the ideas to get me on track for my video. I did not have a laid out plan for my project, which is probably what hurt me. I just kept throwing random videos together, hoping it would work. It was a long process well worth it in the end. I hope that everyone likes me video mashup and can see the argument made.

Reflection #2

The focus of the message of my video is the hardships of pregnancy. Through the song and a few of my clips, gave off the feeling that pregnancy is not all happy times. Juxtaposition came into play with the song because it is not a pretty, happy song. It is a fast paced song that gives off a message that is the opposite of pregnancy. I wanted the song and a couple of videos to show how out of control pregnancy can be. Women have no control over what happens to them and the baby. This is why I used the clips of the mountain bike, skydiver, the clock and Snow White running through the woods, all things to represent no control.

Some of the semiotics I used was metaphor, symbol, reflection and representation. The waves crashing against the rocks/sand was the metaphor. Pregnancy is similar to waves because each wave that crashes on the rocks is different, just like every pregnancy is different. No two pregnancies are the same. This is why is not a good idea for women to put into other women’s heads that pregnancy is easy because it may had been easy for her but it might not be for other women. The flowers blooming are a symbol of childbirth. The opening of the flowers is supposed to be like the opening of a women’s body for a baby to come out. Spongebob crying in the video is representation of the hormones that women experience during pregnancy. One minute the woman may be happy and then the next minute crying. Spongebob crying over dish detergent really shows how unpredictable pregnant women can be. Squidward kicking the hatbox is a reflection of how frustrating pregnancy can be. With out control over your own body, any woman can become frustrated. Their feet swells, their backs are always hurting and nausea is just one of the many feelings that makes pregnancy frustrating. I used a montage of three clips to show some of the foods/drinks women are not allowed to have while pregnant. I used the baby at the end saying no to help the audience understand why I put those videos there.

I another thing I did in my video was that I repeated the clips that showed juxtaposition to help show that each video shown of a pregnant woman, represents no control. I wanted to make sure that it was understood that my video was not a happy video of pregnant women. I also used several different birthing scenes, which showed how painful and hard labor can be. No two births are alike and so many different things can happen while a woman is in labor. Many women have died during child birth and this gets pushed under the rug when pregnancy is represented in movies and TV. My video is to show the truth about pregnancy. No pregnancy is easy and anything can happen.


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