Who Are the Real Monsters? People or Pitbulls

Reflection I

Creating my mash up with Sony Vegas Pro 13 was an experience that I will not forget. It was my first time using this software or anything like it. At first the software was confusing and overwhelming but after playing around with it for a while the software became easier to use and understand. Although from time to time there were bumps in the road, like trying to make credits or trying to edit so precisely, but just like any member of this technological era I did what any of us would do, I opened up my web browser, typed in Google what I needed help with and just like that I was able to overcome whatever challenge was thrown my way.

Working with video instead of writing was a new experience for me. Editing video to make a new meaning out of it takes a lot of concentration and focus, to be able to form the emotional response and reaction that you want to get from the audience. Video instead of text can turn the meaning into a coded message that the audience needs to decipher. Since no two people are the same everybody is going to have their own interpretations of what they are seeing in the video, where as a written text/essay on the exact same topic with the same views leaves a great deal less to be interpreted; making the meaning of text a more direct way of communication.

Mash up videos are a prime example that originality and the idea of creating something completely on your own is unrealistic. Everything in life is a shared idea of someone else. My writing, my mashup, were both helped in their creation by those who supplied the foundation. All of the videos seen in my mashup are the work of someone else that I used to form a new creation with new meaning. The way the world grows is by seeing what was done before and adding new meaning to it, new ideas and in turn creating something new. Each generation learns from the old and creates something new. Their ideas based off of something already done showing us that nothing is completely original.

Using video instead of writing is important for everyone to know how to do. In this age of technology it is a must to be able to communicate across many forms, whether it be video, writing, photography or any other form of media. We are becoming a screen literate world. People in today’s world are more likely to watch a mash up video than they are to read a lengthy paper on the same subject. It is important to grow with the times. With every new technology an old one is lost. When the computer was invented and word documents became the new norm, traditional writing went out the figurative window. Typing became the new norm replacing traditional writing and soon maybe video will replace typing, so it is important to know how to use the new technologies that may one day change what we all see as normal.

From Sony Vegas to using a new media, this mash up was completely new to me, but I am glad to now have the experience. Being able to overcome the challenges that were set in front of me, whether put there by software or put there by my own doing (procrastination), gave me a new sense of accomplishment. It helped me to realize how important it is to understand other medias, over all it was a tough new experience that I learned a lot from.

Reflection II

There are so many people in the world that believe that Pit bulls are mean, aggressive, and violent animals. What these people do not realize is that not one breed of dog is naturally mean; it is the people that create monsters out of helpless animals. Starting from a young age these poor animals are tortured and trained to be aggressive, but when treated and raised right in a loving and caring home, even the most violent of dogs can be rehabilitated into a perfect family dog. In my mash up I am making the case that Pit bulls are not just these violent aggressive dogs that people believe them to be. Everyone agrees that it is not right to stereotype human beings, so why is it okay to stereotype dogs? All dogs can be violent and aggressive, it is not a matter of breed; it is a matter of how they are treated.

In my mash up I wanted to show that these “violent” dogs are truly the sweetest dogs. That it is human behavior that leads to these negative attitudes. To show this I used a combination of violent videos and nonviolent videos as well as a few clips of the abuse done by human hands that makes these wonderful, loving dogs monsters no one wants to be around. I also used some clips of natural landscape settings that are large open areas with no inhabitants. Those clips are to provoke the feeling of loneliness. There is a section of my mash up where clips of violent Pit bulls are seen in between clips of landscape. I edited it that way to show that these dogs are alone; no one is there to love them and help them. Also the at very beginning of my mash up is all violent clips until we “change” the channel and see a new side of Pit bulls, the loving, caring, and loyal dogs that they are meant to be, not the monsters that people like Michael Vick made them be.

My mash up uses three semiotic theories to help create my intended meaning. I use a great deal of metaphors. The use of puppies and babies in my mash up are metaphors for innocence. The landscape clips are also metaphors, but metaphors for exile and loneliness. There are also metaphors to compare that Pit bulls are just like all other dogs. Also another theory used in my mash up is depiction. Not everything is what it seems. What is depicted in my mash up is just might represent something entirely different. The clips of violence depict the pain and hurt that is caused by the owners and by those who believe they are helpless. There are also references made in my mash up. References to other dogs and that they can be just as violent and dangerous to little kids as Pit bulls can be. I hope that my mash up will help those who only see one side of a Pit bull to look a little bit harder and see that they are loving, caring, loyal dogs that are great with young children.


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