Alone Mashup

Reflection #1:

During this process of making a mashup I learned a lot about other ways to communicate a message other than the traditional writing.  Using this technology was easy at times and hard at times.  During this process I have learned how much technology has progressed.  Before we used to use the traditional pen and paper to relay our message to the world but now we have so many different ways of doing that and one of them is this mashup.  Using a mashup as form of writing is very effective.  It makes people think about the message the “writer” is trying to send.  There is no clear cut answer and this leaves it up to the “reader” to figure out what the writer is really trying to say.

This process proved to be a challenging one.  Going back and forth between what looks good, what works, and what I want the viewer to understand.  Working with the video making technology was not as easy and writing with pen and paper.  Sometimes the system didn’t work or was moving slow.  These things happen in traditional writing as well.  Sometimes the writers system isn’t working.  They can’t think of what they want to put down on paper, their systems are moving slow.  When we work too hard our bodies shut down just like when the systems work too hard.  Just like with any other way of writing there are ups and downs but in the end there is a similar turn out.  Even though the process of actual writing and making a mashup at technically different, they are also very much alike.

Reflection #2:

The message I am trying to convey in my mashup is that bullying is not just what is done physically to a person but what is done mentally.  The emotions being felt by the victims.  I also wanted to convey that bullying has evolved from face to face, to cyber space.  Years ago bullying was done to the victims face, although still detrimental to the victim, today it is much worse.  Because bullies can hide behind their phones and computer screens they have become meaner, more vicious.  Bullies words are becoming more malicious and pictures are being spread.  Cyber bullying is a serious issue in this world of advancing technology.  Many of the clips that I chose were to symbolize the metaphorical crumbling and crashing of the victims lives.  The feeling of loneliness.  The dangers of technology and the words coming through screens.

In terms of semiotics, metaphor is used a lot in my mashup.  For example, in one clip there is a computer on fire, this is symbolizing that technology can be dangerous.  In another clip that has a big meaning is the polar bear on the ice, this not only symbolizes being alone in a harsh world, but when you are bullied it feels like the world is giving you the cold shoulder, victims feel like there is no one to turn to and the world doesn’t care.

Gesture is important in my mashup because there are many scenes where people look upset.  As the viewer you have to be able to read their faces and notice when they are upset so you can understand the mood and feeling of the mashup.  There was also an important montage in the video, their is a series of clips of mean texts being sent to a person.  For no reason this person is receiving these texts. I chose this to be a montage because I wanted to show my viewers that the mean texts don’t stop.  Once the bully knows they have the power they are going to take advantage of that and try to hurt the victim as much as they want.


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