The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

For my photo essay I will be focusing on the beauty and love in every day activities.  I was my viewers to realize that doing meaningless every day activities with the ones you love can mean a whole lot more that you would think.  Spending this time with loved ones doing random errands or just hanging out at home, these are time times you need to take a step back and realize how much love is happening at that minute.

The subjects I could focus on would probably be mainly my boyfriend.  Other options for subjects could be my friends, or my family.  These subjects will help make my point because they will show the importance of doing nothing with your loved ones.  They will show that you don’t have to constantly tell each other you love them, but the love shines through in the little things.  For example: grocery shopping, filling up the air in your tires, laying on the couch watching tv, or doing laundry together.

The feel of the image I would like to portray is simple.  I don’t want to take away too much from what is going on in the actual image.  I was thinking about doing back and white but I don’t want my images to seem plain.  I want they to portray the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The filter I have found that I liked the most is this slightly faded look.  It really enhances the subject in the photo especially when you focus in on them.  This filter will help portray the point of my photo essay because it really focuses on the subject and sort of blurs the area around giving you the feel that the subject is the focus but what is going on around the subject is almost equally important.

The technology I will be using will be my iPhone.  I will be using the photo app that comes with the phone and I will be using the  filter “Instant” that comes with the iPhones photo editing feature.  I have tried multiple filters on the iPhone photo feature and in other apps but I have found that I like this filter the most.  Using the iPhone symbolizes that these pictures and activities are not thought out or planned.  They simply show that they are candid photos that are happening naturally in real life.  None of my pictures are planned and none of them are posed for.  They are simply in the purest form of love.  The photos are captured in the moment when I stop and look and realize how much love is happening in that exact moment.


Man-made Destruction

The purpose of my photo essay is to show the world the hand that man plays in the destruction of our world, specifically our environment. I want to convey a message that is clear, that the construction that man does, the building that man believes in is actually destruction of our beautiful natural world. We as humans are responsible for disasters, we are responsible for the breaking down of the world around us.

For the subjects of my photo essay I am not sure if I would like to focus on actual construction sites or if I want to focus on cleared woods that are in the middle stages of construction. It would be ideal to use both in order to cover the stages of actual construction and be able to best compare woods to finished buildings and then show what is in between.

As far as the overall feel of the images is concerned, they will be dark but have color. I want to show that construction is actually destruction and that it is not a happy situation but one to fear and be concerned with. My goal is to make people understand that the destruction around us, and the destruction of the woods and natural habitats are depressing.

I will be using an IPhone 4s camera, and the Aviary Photo editor, perhaps I will use a filter to play with the colors to create the look of desolation and depression but I have not decided yet. I am choosing to use my Iphone camera because the technology that we walk around with everyday goes perfectly in hand with what we think we are building. We think that we are simplifying life, we think that we are changing for the better, however we are actually breaking down the world around us. I think it is ironic.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

For my photo essay assignment, the topic I chose to explore through photographs is patriotism. Patriotism is the cultural attachment to one’s homeland or country. I want to capture images that display the pride people have for being American and living in this country. The main point I want my essay to make is how important it is to show respect of our country and pay tribute to those who sacrifice their lives so we can live ours freely.

I’m considering many different subjects to portray the point I want to get across. The first image I want to capture are flags. In my hometown of Hasbrouck Heights, people have the American flag hanging up outside of their house. Another option would be a billboard promoting patriotism or something about joining the military. I have seen many of these driving down the highways near my town. I also have noticed many different signs that say “pay tribute”, “god bless America”, or something along those lines. I would also like to capture that for my photo essay to add to the sense of pride my images will show.

Going off of that, I want my photo essay to produce a feeling of pride and even have people feel thankful to live in the country we do. I want people to see the images I have captured and feel grateful, and remember how lucky we are. Sometimes, I feel as though we take what we have for granted, and these images will remind us that others do not have all that we do. I want these images to inspire people to show love for their country, whether it’s America or another nation.

The technology I will be using to capture these images will be my iPhone camera. I have had an iPhone for almost three years now, and am very experienced and familiar with using the camera. I know how to focus in on certain objects of the image as well as using other features such as putting a filter on the image and playing around with the color, zooming in and out, and making a panoramic image. I will use a free iPhone application called Avairy. This will allow me to choose from multiple filters to put on an image, and put my own twist on it.

Lights out in AC

I have been thinking a lot about this photo essay and what my topic should be and what my subject should be.  Since I will be home for Thanksgiving break, I thought it would be a good idea to think about places near my hometown I could use as a subject.  I live in Margate, NJ, a small beach town located 5 minutes from the historic Atlantic City.  I thought it would be a great idea to use Atlantic City as my subject.

There is much news concerning Atlantic City and its fight to stay alive and thriving.  Through 12-15 pictures, I want to capture how Atlantic City is suffering, both the city itself and the people.  I think it is important to take these pictures so people are aware of how serious this is.  Atlantic City is an historic place that holds jobs and memories for thousands of people.  Atlantic City should be nurtured and fought for to stay a live and thriving but sometimes it feels like it is not.

I will be using my iPhone 6 with various filters and applications for these pictures.  I want to give my pictures a dark vibe so the pictures look dramatic.  I also think that using a dark colored filter will highlight how the city is suffering.  I want my tone to be, not somber, but serious.  Although I want my pictures to have a dark vibe, I want some of the colors in the pictures to be deep and rich.


After a lot of thought, my photo essay will attempt to highlight the differences in students’ personal styles. I’ve always taken my individual style very seriously (probably too serious at times), because it’s an interesting way to express yourself and show some creativity. Here at college, I always hear people saying that they’ll just ‘bum it’ to class, and I’ve even overheard conversations about some students ‘dressing up’ for an 8 AM and how ridiculous it is. Are we supposed to not care about how we present ourselves? Does nobody have any pride anymore in being unique and owning their individuality? I want to show that personal style is a golden opportunity to reflect your personality, and also that the possibilities with this really are endless.

Subject-wise, I know that I am definitely going to use students here at Rowan. I was originally going to highlight only female personal style, but now I’m beginning to think that I should use male subjects as well. Men aren’t usually as into this topic as much as females, but they would add a fresh perspective. If I decide to use just female subjects, that would kind of generalize things a bit, but it also would give the assignment a stronger direction.

I want these images to contain a lot of color, because that will ensure that the style of my subjects’ is accurately portrayed. If I was to make the images black and white, that would take away from a huge part of their personal style. Color has to be matched and coordinated, so it’s extremely important to take note of that in the images. They won’t have any kind of old-time effects or any graininess on them. They will be both clear and accurate. This will compliment both my subjects and the point of the photo essay, because the images will show exactly what the subjects look like in real life. Any effect would take that away and change the entire point of the photo essay.

For this, I’m going to use my iPhone camera. I have a digital camera, but the reason why I want to use my iPhone is simple. This is literally going to just be about the person’s style and capturing it in a photo. There’s no need for anything fancy, there won’t be any tricks. This is simple, it’s straightforward. One snap and that’s it. With an iPhone camera, that’s all it is. I can just focus directly on my subject. This technology reflects my subject by both being straightforward and unique. While the iPhone is a complex piece of technology, it’s always been perceived as groundbreaking because of how different it is from other phones. This will help reflect how my subjects’ styles are different from other people.

Kelci Flynn’s Photo Essay

For my photo essay I want to explore the effect that technology is having on people today.  No matter where I am: at home with family, a bar with friends, church, sporting event, out to dinner or walking around campus there is something that follows me around everywhere.  Cell phones.  No matter where I am people are obsessed with their phones.  Checking social media, taking selfies, texting, and making phone calls are our new normal and has become socially acceptable.  You can watch an entire family out to dinner all looking down at their cell phones, completely disengaged with each other.  Although many teens and twenty-somethings are very guilty of this I do not think subjects will be limited to only the young.  I have seen examples, even in my own family that technology has taken over the lives of the generations older than us also.

I want my subjects to be the people who are distracted with their cell phones.  In my photographs I would like the main focus to be on the people, instead of the actual technology.  I will capture these photos in many different social settings.  I do not have any very specific places that I want to go to to photograph, but would rather just take the pictures as I come across them in my everyday life.  My photographs will show that in every scene people are missing out having amazing experiences because they are too busy trying to capture that moment, or document it through social media.  Instead of enjoying the company around them, they are lost int their phones.  We live in an age where capturing the moment is more important than the moment itself.  Through the photographs that I take I want to expose the fact that this technology is taking away from face to face verbal communication.

I want my images to be in color so that they are vivid and capture the viewer’s attention.  I will aim for them to have a sort of bright and futuristic look to them being as how the essay is based on technology.  I would like to be able to use an app to give these images a blurred effect to show that while society is caught up on their phones, life is “flashing” right before the eyes.  Even if I have to do this through manipulating the camera, I want the picture to look like it is somewhat in motion.  I cannot think of a better to show what effect phones are having on us then to use my iphone 5 to capture these photos!

Your Grabage, Your Community

All of the trash that sits on the ground or on the side of the road, what happens to that? Who picks it up? Who leaves it there? The point that I want to make with my photo essay is that it is not that hard to throw away your trash in a trash can that is what they are there for. There is a nationwide problem with people dumping their trash on the ground, whether throwing it out the window of their car or just dropping on the ground while walking. What these people do not realize is that there is no reason to be dumping trash on the ground; they do not see that they are ruining their own home.

I will be focusing on the litter that sits on the side of the roads along Williamstown and surrounding area streets. I have lived in this area my entire life and for as long as I can remember seeing trash lying around is normal it is hard to imagine that people cannot take the few seconds that it takes to throw out their trash where it belongs. Also I would like to include the consequences for littering and what damage the litter causes. This area could look a thousand times better if people did their own part and cleaned up after themselves.

The images that I want to capture will hopefully inflict a series of emotions on those who see them. I hope to get people to feel shame, disgust, horror, and I hope to be able to inspire people to step up and make a difference in their community. I want to capture these pictures in black and white, or in infrared, or both. I picked these because the black and white adds effect to the dread that littering leaves on the community. My second option the infrared I picked because it would display the subject as toxic and poisoning, a symbol for the rot and decay of the community.

I have decided to use my cell phone camera, I made that decision by coming to the conclusion that most people are paying more attention to what is going on with their phone then where they are dumping their trash. To capture something that is ruining the world we live in with a device that is supposed to make the world a better place will leave a hint of irony in the mind of the audience, as well as being exactly what it is supposed to be, by reaching people who dump their trash in turn hoping that next time they toss that trash in to a trash can or a recycling bin. This gives the new technology of the world to prove that they can better the world.