Earn Money by Blogging

This blog post is inspired by Nickie Inglesby. She tweeted:

This post can help our class think beyond just doing assignments and feeling “forced” to blog, but think about how the skills we are learning can actually be used in the real world. Blogs are everywhere and there are many people earning money by writing! As Writing Arts majors what more could we ask for?! But as the article points out, there are some things to think about before you make the decision to make personal blogging your life long career.

The first thing the article says to keep in mind that making a living won’t come quickly. You cannot expect to write one blog and instantly have thousands of followers or advertisers. Bloggers earn their money by allowing advertisers on their site. Advertisers are ultimately looking for customers to in turn by their products. If you only have a couple hundred views per month on your blog, advertisers are not going to think it is a good economic decision to post ads on your site. The article also warns, “if you’re only getting, say, 1,200 page views a month, you might only make enough to treat your family to aMcD vs high end night out at McDonald’s. Even if you’re pulling in enough money to pay the mortgage, Storch says bloggers have to remember they’re going to pay commission to their ad network, taxes on their blogging income, hosting and Internet fees, and she pays for childcare.” While blogging for a living can be done, you need to know how to grab as much attention as possible.

The next tip the article gives is make sure you are writing about something you care about and can share knowledge about. People who read blogs are reading them to get something out of it. They want new information on a topic, or a new recipe or fitness tip they can use in their lives. If you can give your reader something they can walk away with, they will want to come back for more. If you fail to do this, you may have a one and done follower/reader. The article says it’s not just good enough to know how to write, which as Writing Arts majors we all know how, but it’s about writing about something that is going to mean something to someone else.

WritingLastly, understand that blogging is actually a lot of work. Jill Smokler, blogger of Scary Mommy, says that much of the work of blogging isn’t the blogging itself, but getting your name out there. She suggests that you find other blogs with a similar topic and comment. Then look at the other commenter’s comments and go to their blog and comment. Each time remembering to link your URL so that people can reach your blog. Smokler says, “It looks easy, but it isn’t, very few blogs strike gold with a crazy viral post. I’m still trying after five years.”


13 thoughts on “Earn Money by Blogging

  1. I thought this was a really interesting topic to write about, considering it is relatable to all of us in #wrtf14. It would be great to think that we could all just sit down on our laptops, eating chips, and watching Netflix on the TV to make some easy and fast cash, but that is obviously unlikely. Like you and the article had mentioned, a lot of work goes into make one blog, and it is difficult to get the amount of followers that would even make advertisers consider you. Of course there are many blog sensations just like there are YouTube sensations, but how many of them that we know of our making decent enough money to make a living, and if they are, how long did it take them to get to that point. Overall, I think many factors go into making money off of blogs such as writing skills, fan-base, and your topics, either way it’s definitely not simple.


  2. I really appreciated this bog post because it went along with the project we were working on in Intro to Writing Arts about finding forums and communities. I chose a blog “Flux & Flow” and discussed why she is so popular and how she constantly posts how others can make their blogs better and how to get new followers and keep people coming back.
    She also discusses that maintaining a blog as a job is actual work. You have deadlines and topics and it’s like sitting in an office except you are at home. You must still meet the requirements regardless of location.
    You hit the three main points of blogging right on the head.


  3. I have a personal blog and other various educational blogs that professors had us create and occasionally I think that I would be well suited for this field, and then when I check my views I know that I would never make it. Writing as a full time job scares the poop out of me. I just feel like it is not a high paying or paying job what-so-ever. I understand that there are people out there who make it in the writing world, I just do not think I could ever reach an audience big enough to pay my bills let alone go to McDonalds. I have had my personal blog for a little over a year now and have reached 15+ different countries but I just cant seem to stay consistent. I’ll write 3 posts in one week and then nothing for a few weeks. Safe to say as nice as it would be to get paid for my thoughts, or my rants, I probably wouldn’t make it in this field. I’m gonna stick to teaching, fingers crossed that I can get a job at least doing that.


  4. This post was very interesting to read about being as we are required to blog for #wrtf14 and most of us have to blog for other classes as well. Thinking we could make money off of this assignment would be amazing but that is unrealistic. Blogging is writing therefore it is not easy. You stated in your article above that it takes a lot of work to create a blog post. I am sure all of us can agree with that statement. A lot of the blogs we post are insightful and could help young writers trying to better their writing process and ideas. Sadly, most of our blogs go unseen and then become an archive online. As a blogger, one has to have the marketing skills, the advertising opportunities, and overall – the money. The world revolves around money. Our blogs have none of that but they do have creative ideas and insightful topics to many college students. Similar to an author, all of these things are needed to “make it” in the publishing industry. For those that do get paid to blog, it must be nice! As for us, we stick to doing it based off of assignments but it is always a nice thought to think, “maybe someone will read this.”


  5. I loved that this has a lot to do with what we are covering in class. I was never exposed to blogging before coming to Rowan University so this is still somewhat new to me; but I must admit I do enjoy it. However, I do not think I could make a living off of it. To be honest what I have to say will most likely be old news to many who are searching for answers. Overall I think I should stick to teaching.
    I do however, love the show “Awkward” on MTV. The lead star use to write on her blog ritually, if I could keep up with it and have something interesting to say, such as she did, maybe I could make it work?


  6. I liked this article. As Writing Arts Majors, it is very hard to find a job that will pay you. I never knew that you could get money by placing advertisements on your blog, so I thought that was interesting! This relates back to the idea of screen literacy, because if we were all not screen literate, nobody would be reading these blogs and hundreds of millions of dollars would be at waste. Technology has opened much more opportunities to writers rather than only writing a book, or a journal article.


  7. I enjoyed this article because it reminds me of the amount of work I have to do in order to be a blogger. Blogging is a lot more work than people give it credit for. You have to do a variety of things to become noticed as a blogger. My friend who is a successful blogger took years before she actually made money off it. Her one piece of advise is that you just have to write. That is true though. You have to post at least once a week. I really like blogging and it was interesting to read about actually making money off of it.


  8. As a future teacher I know the value blogging has in that profession. Many teachers that blog say that it helps them become better teachers and helps others become better teachers. It helps teachers analyze what they did in the classroom that day and how they could have taught something better, how they can improve for the next time. It can also help other teachers with ideas and to see what other mistakes teachers made teaching the same lesson. Now writing a blog as a teacher might not pay the bills but it is definitely helpful for professional development.


  9. I enjoyed your post for many reasons. The first one being how strongly it relates to our class. Many of us may see these posts as a tedious task we have to do for Dr. Wolff’s class. However, many of us forget the things we could get out of this. We could always pursue a job in which we blog for a living, making cash from our posts. Now, as broke college students, this would be a dream come true. My second reason for liking this, sharing how it helps with publicity. The more public and developed we make our blogs, the more we are getting our names out there. That is something important for after graduation, for sure.


  10. I think this post is very insightful for many reasons. First, I’ve delved into the blogging world for the past few years on different sites, and have always wondered if the most successful bloggers turn some kind of profit from their writing. Like Brittany mentions in her comment, I think we all wish that we could just blog for fast cash, especially as writing students getting ready to be thrown out into the real world. I had no idea how bloggers make money, and it’s interesting that they do this through advertisements, if the blog has enough traction. This kind of scares me for what’s to come in the future, career wise, but I think that if you’re smart about it and are prepared to do a lot of work, this kind of career could be very worthwhile.


  11. I loved this post. It gave me a lot to think about. I have always wanted to start a blog of my own but can’t think of a topic to do it on but hey maybe I’ll give it a shot one day and this blog totally helped me know what to and what not to do! It does kind of leave a slight scare to what the future holds for writers.


  12. Like Brit said, “It would be great to think that we could all just sit down on our laptops, eating chips, and watching Netflix on the TV to make some easy and fast cash, but that is obviously unlikely.”
    That is sometimes what comes to mind when we think of bloggersbut this post shows us that there is a lot more work, time and effort that goes into blogging, especially as a career.
    Personally, this class has been my first blogging experience and will also be my last. Blogging is seriously a job- it takes so much thought, research, concentration, and most of all time to come up with a post that is at least half-way decent. For those bloggers out there doing this as their career, props to you!


  13. This post was a great read! Besides this class, I’m not really a blogger but I LOVE YouTube and most the people I’ subscribed two have made themselves a brand thanks to you tube and some of them have made YouTube their job and which has lead them to more views and more views means that Youtube starts to pay them!


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