Storyboard for What Happens on Farms

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.13.07 AM

My video is something I think I will have to be very conscious about making, just because animal abuse is so widely known. The difference is that I would really like to touch on what happens on farms throughout the country, organic and otherwise. I know that it is something I will have to be really careful about since I do NOT want a Sarah McLaughlin video, no one wants that. Ever. That being said, I would like to start off my video mashup with a scene from either a black and white, vintage commercial or TV show. I was thinking along the lines of Leave It To Beaver, while the family is sitting down to dinner. I want to showcase their happy faces and the meal prepared. I would then like to move showing clips of how farm animals are depicted, happy and living good lives on farms. After that, I would like to have clips of hurt and abused animals, showing what really happens on farms all over the country. I would like to use the contrast here to show the public that farm animals are not treated respectfully, and should be doing something about that fact. I kind of would like the video to be a little violent, just to wake the senses in people.


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