What’s Really Happening On Our Farms?

For my mash-up, I would like to create a video show casing animal cruelty. I think I would like to focus on either domestic animal cruelty, like dogs, or farm animal abuse. I would like to show why people should be vegetarians. I would like to show that even “organic, range-free” farms are still cruel to their animals. The video would show case happy animals that are well cared for, like the pictures many of these farms showcase to try and get people to feel okay about eating meat. I would then like to show videos and photos of what really happens to the animals at these farms. I would like to get some videos of vegetarians, and non vegetarians who think the treatment of these animals is awful. I really want to show people what eating meat really looks like.

I know that in picking this subject, I run the risk of making my mash-up look similar to a Sarah McLaughlin video. I also understand that I run the risk of looking sounding like someone up on a soap box. More importantly, I run the risk of upsetting some people with the images and videos I will be using in my mash-up, they will most likely bloody and violent and upsetting.

For the mash-up, I think I would like to do a voice over of some really happy family gathering filmed in the 50’s. I think using that would help build the juxtaposition between the happy, perfect family life and what these animals go through that are supposed to be happy and treated well.


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