What Are You Eating Storyboard


*to the audio of: Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

Thanks to this storyboard it was confirmed that my drawing is to that of a five year old, and my use of stick figures needs work. What I will say on a positive note is that this storyboard helped me organize all of my thoughts on how I wanted to begin my mash up, and what kind of direction I wanted it to go in. Unlike before, I now have a better idea of clips I would like to use for my argument, and the emotions that may tie into each specific clip.  I am excited to get started on my idea, and I am hoping that I can find a clip that relates to my first couple of ideas for the beginning.

1. Show a video clip of cute toddlers or babies, they’re representing innocence, and how all human start out

2. Show a video clip of baby farm animals, doing something cute. This would show the connection between baby humans and animals, they’re both cute and innocent. It personalizes the message.

3.Next show a clip of a “beautiful” scene of nature. It’s something most people would stop to appreciate.

4. Cut the previous clip to a a scene of a science lab that’s smokey, shows chemicals, and skulls – giving a dangerous and threatening feeling.

5. Show a clip of crowded animals all caged in, like they are for the meat industry, showing abuse.

6. Place that next to a scene of a crowded area of people like in NY, concentration camps. This compares the animals to the humans.

7. A clip of a man or woman biting their nails and sweating, representing how nervous and anxious they are becoming from this.

8. Followed by someone drowning to represent suffocation, as someone might feel in a crowded space, similar to being claustrophobic.

9. The next emotion being anger, someone throwing and breaking things. This is how other might take being overwhelmed by crowds.

10. The next video clip will be a people ganging up and brutally attacking someone else, unnecessary violence.

11. Video clip of pig scene, in which gatherers are throwing around the pigs against the ground, bullying and more unnecessary violence.

12. Show a child hiding behind something, representing their fear of this situation.

13.Then show a man showing off his abnormally large muscles, representing the human strength in comparison to animals.

14. Show either man getting steroids, or child getting a shot from the doctor and crying hysterically.

15. Flash to a clip of steroids being put into animals, them trying to run away, or human’s being aggressive while doing this

16. Show a clip of abnormally large meat, or of a giant.

17. Clip of people looking up at something and running away in horror.

18. Show someone sitting in the clean bathroom, fixing themselves up representing the freedom and cleanliness we enjoy.

19. Show the poop cows, chickens, etc. stand in while be suffocated by other animals.


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