Video Mashup Proposal

For my video mashup I want to explore the topic of domestic violence, how it is becoming a larger topic in the media, and the attention it is bringing to the issue. Recently in the NFL world Ray Rice has domestically abused his wife on an elevator, in which it was video recorded and released to the public for speculation. However, his wife has chosen to stay by his side regardless of the comments from the public, and the NFL’s choice to remove her husband from the football league. Also, recently pictures of Disney characters, both princesses and princes with beaten faces have been floating around the Internet. In these pictures it is the character with a beaten, and bruised face, with the captions underneath either being; “When did he stop treating you like a princess?” or “When did she stop treating you like a hero?” My intentions for this video is to show awareness of domestic violence, and show the different sides of the issue. Many people only consider that women are domestically abused, but it is also possible and very relevant that men are also victims of domestic abuse from their female partner. However, men being the victims of domestic abuse is a less known topic; regardless of the statistic that I have found, men are victims of domestic abuse at least every 27 seconds. When looking more into this topic for my mashup I was surprised to find so many videos, pictures, etc. based on men being the victims of domestic abuse, so for my video I want to make a point of putting men as examples.

The risks I will be taking by choosing to take on this topic, include, hitting home for many people. This is because a lot of people know of at least one person that has been a victim of domestic abuse, male or female; myself included. Throughout my mashup I want to include important public figures commenting on the issue of domestic violence, videos of women/men being abused, women covering up their bruises, cuts or scars, and social experiments on the topic. I have also seen movies that have been based on the topic of domestic violence, which shows the woman fighting back for the freedom of herself and child; it is important to show in this mashup instances of men or women fighting back against their abuser. The song I have chosen to use for my video mashup is “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This song is about domestic abuse, specifically a woman being abused by her husband or boyfriend; however, the song talks about the woman fighting back and saying that one day she will fight back, and telling him that one day she will have had enough. Several of my videos and images in this mashup will relate to specific parts of the song that are somewhat nonchalant about the topic, but still gets the point of the mashup across. Finally, the main risk I will be taking when creating my mashup is adding videos that will be difficult for some people to watch, because it is an upsetting topic.


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