The World is Always Watching?

This is what I am envisioning in my head at the moment.  Of course, it will probably change. Please forgive the drawings…If my life depended on this ability I would probably be dead.  Thank God it does not so here we go…

2014-10-16 11.00.17

First clip – Flashing camera like from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 movie: The Rear Window – It gives it a shock value with the flash of the camera going off in your face to show that you are being disoriented.  It is about 2 to 3 seconds long to allow for the flash and the tint of discoloration that follows.

Second clip – For 5 seconds we will see a peeping tom looking through the window – which is to show an invasion of privacy.  It is 5 seconds to intensify the feeling of being watched.

Third clip – A movie premiere event – to showcase celebrities doing something that is part of their job.  I’m thinking of using one from back in the day and then having it morph into a present day movie event to showcase juxtaposition of how times have changed and the demands of present day celebrities.  (6 seconds? I’m really not sure about the length of this one)

Fourth clip – The flashing camera again from the first clip (2 -3 seconds)

Fifth clip – Someone running away looking scared…this is to signify fear.  The fear that celebrities feel whenever there are accosted by camera wielding psychos. (3 seconds)

Sixth clip – a photo shoot to signify a controlled environment of where photos are being taken with permission (4 seconds)

Seventh clip – The flashing camera again from the first clip (2 -3 seconds)

Eighth clip – a celebrity walking on the street or running away and hiding from being hounded by paparazzi (with or without their children) (4 seconds)

Thought bubble: I’m thinking of doing something with bubbles…like that guy being rescued from the ocean because he thought he could swim somewhere.  The bubble is to showcase how celebrities are living in a bubble under constant scrutiny.  (2 seconds)

Music:  Oh my god, I should not have gone searching for songs because now I cannot choose. *bangs head on table*

I started with “Celebrity” by *NSYNC, then I was reminded of “My Prerogative” the remix done by Britney Spears which then made me grab my iPod.  Then I went through it and found “Kill the Lights” by Britney, “Over-rated” & “I Don’t Want to Be” both by Gavin DeGraw and finally the one that I might go with but not sure at all is “The Wreckoning” by BoomKat.  Considering that reckoning means  person’s view, opinion, or judgment I’m figuring this one to be high on the list to show case my point of view in that society by way of the paparazzi are getting out of control when it comes to taking pictures of celebrities and encroaching on their privacy.



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