Swipe right for love-Storyboard


This is my storyboard for the first 32 seconds of my mash up. This mash up is about how love used to be/ how it is portrayed in the music and how technology changed it into a hookup culture. This is a rough draft, so things are not are clear and crystallized yet. However, this is how it is beginning to look in my head.

Clip1: 5 seconds- couple from a time within the 1900’s in which shows a couple happily in love and married. This sets the tone and provides the viewers with background information for the mash up and is the icon for relationships.

Clip 2: 4 seconds- a clip from the movie; The Notebook will be played in which shows a clip where love is romanticized. This crates a sense of love/ happiness and expresses lies about love

Clip 3: 4seconds- a clip from the movie A Walk to Remember and it creates a sense of montage because it builds up the theme of love.

Clip 4: 4 seconds- a clip from the bachelor will be shown to emphasis the intention of how easy love is to find in the media. It adds to the montage.

Clip 5: 3 seconds- The static creates a feeling that a change is occurring and something got messed up.

Clip 6: 3.5 seconds- a broken bridge with broken dreams caused by the phone is drawn here because it serves as a metaphor for phones ruining dreams of marriage and lasting love.

Clip 7: 5-6 seconds- clip of a boy picking up a girl. Instead of going inside and meeting parents and picking her up, they simply just text the girl that they are here. The moon serves as a symbol for nighttime.

Clip 8: a cat and a fish are drawn here to represent the show, Catfish, in which people pretend to be someone who they are not on social media or texting. Catfish also serves as a metaphor, pretending to be a cat, but in reality, you are talking to a fish.

These scenes will be more though out and put together with different movie clips. The audio is a great song about how chivalry is dead written by a nice guy who hates what is happening to the world of dating.


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